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As a partner, we are here to make sure you and your clients can start hiring in no time.

We help you kick-start quickly

Our customer success team helps set up and migrate existing candidates to Recruitee.

We set up the Careers Sites

For employer branding, we make beautiful, mobile-optimized Careers Sites.

You earn a fee for referring customers to Recruitee

After the client signing up for Recruitee, you receive a fee. As simple as that.

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Over 2000 companies worldwide

have made over 40,000 hires with Recruitee

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I can't think of a better recruiting tool than Recruitee. And no limit on seats!
Carin Koole
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partner client quote
The only ATS that has everything I need. The service and people are fantastic – top notch team. I'm so excited and relieved to have found them.
Leila Blauner
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partner client quote
We are a big fan of Recruitee’s technology and their speed of new feature releases.
Marc van Agteren
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Key features of our recruitment software

Recruitee is all-in-one recruitment software for managing the complete hiring process. A few key features your clients will love:

Source, tag, and manage groups of candidates with Talent Pools.

Invite relevant team members and hiring managers to collaborate on selecting the best candidates.

Visual pipelines and smart design explain the product. No need for training sessions.

Help your clients build their employer brands by having their own Careers Sites.

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