Track applicants efficiently with your team

Never get lost. Have your hiring activities in one overview.
All your communication, team notes, ratings, and to-do's in one place.

All resumes you upload are automatically parsed into candidate profiles in Recruitee.

CVs sent to your Job inbox will be automatically parsed into candidate profiles. Say goodbye to manual data input.

With Recruitee's sourcing extension, your team can import candidates from any websites into your Recruitee account.

The Job's pipeline gives you an instant overview of all candidates. Customize each hiring stage to fit your hiring workflows.

All the information you need to know about a candidate: from their resume, social media links, to their emailing history with your team.

From emailing, tagging, to proceeding to the next hiring stage, you can perform tasks with multiple candidates at once.

One candidate can stay in multiple Jobs and Talent Pools. In case of duplicate profiles, Recruitee detects them for you to merge - all files and communication history remain the same.

The Power Search helps you find any information you are looking for. From candidate sources, tags, answers to screening questions, to Team Notes: you find what you need in just a few clicks.

Choose which candidates and which part of their profiles to share. Get a proper assessment of the candidates from anyone you need.

Create different hiring roles that give different levels of access and assign them to your team members.

Sync your own mailbox and calendar with Recruitee. Stay updated with the latest communication and scheduled events.

Customize Scorecards to rate candidates according to the required skills for each Job. Leave messages for your team via the Team Notes.

Schedule reminders about calls and meetings for you and your team - directly synced with your own calendar.

Discuss candidates with your team through Team Notes. When sharing confidential details, set Team Notes private for selected team members.

Your applicant tracking checklist

CV parsing

Job inbox

Free sourcing extension

Pipeline overview with customizable hiring workflows

Extensive candidate profiles

Bulk Actions, including emailing, tagging, moving candidates

Duplicate profile detection, multi-job support

Customizable hiring roles for team management

Email and calendar sync

Custom Scorecards

Schedule reminders

Unlimited team members

iPhone and Android app

Power Search

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