You have made it. 2017 is coming to an end. You have survived all the highs and lows. It was another eventful year for the recruitment sphere. Recaps and reviews must have been filling your feed and mailbox. We won’t bother you with another one. Instead, we’re going to give you a head start for 2018.

Hint: It’s not another prediction of recruitment trends in 2018. Trends come and go. What remains are trial and error and lessons learned. Below are the top five articles with solid recruitment advice for 2018, and many years after that. We thoroughly enjoyed them, and we can’t thank the authors enough for writing them.

1. The Best Interview Questions We’ve Ever Published

Best article 2017 - Recruitee recruitment softwareI’ve included stories from First Round many times in the past. They’re full of golden advice – simply too good to be missed. This article is no exception. It delivers exactly what it promises: The best interview questions ever published on First Round blog. That means the best interview questions ever used by the hottest startups and companies like Airbnb and Amazon. Make a swipe file out of this, and refresh your stock of interview questions for the new year.

2. The “Knockout” Interview Stops Trouble Before It Starts

Best article 2017 - Recruitee recruitment softwareThis article is a powerful antidote against behaviors like hoarding CVs or interviewing almost every candidate (which we all tend to do under the pressure of time or the shortage of candidates). It invites you to step back from the real interview, and rethink how not to interview too many wrong candidates. It turns out that you can discover who is “wrong” way earlier in the process. There are always things you can’t compromise, either for the job opening at hand or for the company value. Get to know them, and don’t compromise.

3. The hiring process I’ve used over 10,000 times: 7 steps to hire right the first time

Best article 2017 - Recruitee recruitment softwareCombining some of the best points of the above two article, this article demonstrates a perfect case study. Noah Kagan has skillfully combined several knockout stages with unique interview questions to hire his A-player editor. Whether you’re also hiring an editor, you’ll benefit plenty from reading his experience. We’re especially impressed with the nuts and bolts of letting wrong candidates filter themselves out.

4. The Three Secrets to Executive Recruiting I Learned at Apple, Yahoo and More

Best article 2017 - Recruitee recruitment softwareThis is one of the rare articles that are full of useful tips for hard-to-fill roles. One thing we love: It liberates our minds from the misconception that in order to do a job, a candidate needs to have X years of experience in the same job. This open mindset will help you discover high-quality candidates where the rest overlooks.

5. “I’m not sure if I like what I did here or not”

Best article 2017 - Recruitee recruitment softwareThis short and sweet article tells an anecdote about a candidate being very candid, to the point of risking her own chance of getting the job. The many comments under the article also help extend the depth of the story. It’s a powerful thing to keep in mind, that recruitment is essentially about finding the people you want to work with. You spend most of your awake time working. So make it worthwhile by selecting the right people to work with.

6. The GDPR: Putting candidates in the driver’s seat

GDPR in recruitment - Recruitee recruitment softwareWe’re not going to lie. You can’t recruit in 2018 without thinking about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since its announcement, the GDPR has made many recruiters and sourcers break out in a sweat. Any candidate information (e.g. resumes) obtained without the candidates’ consent is potentially illegal. Because it’s so important, we’d like to present this article as the last-but-not-least read to you to close 2017.

That’s all five + one for you! If you haven’t noticed, there are also just five days left until the new year begins. Read at least one article per day, and start recruiting in 2018 like a champ!

Have fun recruiting 🙂