Potential candidates come to your careers site to “check you out.” Make sure you deliver a better candidate experience with your employer brand. This might be your only chance to impress the candidates!

1 — More languages supported on the Careers Site

“If you talk to a candidate in their language, that goes to their heart.”

Ok, we modified Nelson Mandela’s quote. Because why not, we have updated the Careers Site with Portuguese, German, and Polish!

recruitee careers site employer brand

Would you like to have slightly different text in each of these languages? Just click edit and change the text as you want.

recruitee careers site employer brand
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What about the languages that are not supported? You can add it all by yourself! The “Add a language” button allows you to translate all the bits and pieces of the Careers Site into the language you prefer.

recruitee careers site employer brand
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2 — More SEO and employer branding opportunities

For employer branding enthusiasts, now you can change the favicon of your Careers Site to your brand’s logo.

recruitee careers site employer brand favicon
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For SEO experts, you can now customize the meta titles and descriptions for each of your vacancies, so that Google can index them properly and put them on the top of candidates’ search results.

recruitee careers site employer brand

What’s more: You can create a different share image for each of your vacancies, that will be displayed when you share the vacancies on social media. Extra point for employer branding!

recruitee careers site employer brand
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3 — More ease of navigation

Having an extensive Careers Site? Help candidates navigate easier with a page menu. Each menu item can link to each component on your Careers Site (like “Openings” or “About Us”). They can also link to other sites of your choice. For example, you can leave a link about your company’s review on Glassdoor.

recruitee careers site employer brand improve candidate experience
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That’s all for now! Hope you like this round of Careers Site update. Providing great candidate experience is, and will be, a crucial pillar of your recruitment strategy. Make sure you have proper tools and options to do it justice!

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