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Create your first job opening

Welcome to Recruitee! This is the right place for you to get started with your first job opening.

To create a job opening, click the “New Job” tab on the top menu.

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

This will open a five-step process to create a job opening in Recruitee. Let’s go through each of them.

1—Job Opening

Here you can fill out all the Job’s details like job title, location, job description and requirements.

Remember that this is the first contact between you and your potential hires. The more specific you are, the easier the right candidates can find you.

Feel free to check out “A simple guide for writing the perfect job description.” Also have a look at these 200+ free job description templates for inspiration.

2—Application form

Here you can choose which files/information candidates should include in their applications.

Another great thing you can do at this step is adding screening questions. Questions can be open, yes/no, or multiple choice. Doing this will help you have a better idea about the candidates, screen and select them faster, and shorten the interview time with the candidates you decide to proceed with.

You can also choose to let candidates apply with their LinkedIn/Indeed profiles or not. Choose “Hidden” if you don’t want these options to be visible on the job opening’s application form.

3—Hiring pipeline

Everybody and every job opening require a different recruiting workflow. Customize your own workflow for a job opening at “Hiring pipeline.”

Hover your mouse over each stage and click the pencil icon on the top right corner to edit that stage. Click “Add a new stage” to add a new stage to the current workflow (like “Phone Screening” or “First Interview”). Drag and drop the hamburger icon of each stage to arrange the stages’ orders at any time.

Keeping candidates in the loop is important. Inform them about the status of their applications by setting up an “Email confirmation.” This will be automatically sent to a candidate when he or she sends in his or her application.

4—Recruiting Team

In this step, you can add team members or external recruiters to collaborate on the hiring process.

Click “Add existing team member” to invite team members who already logged in your company account in Recruitee.

Click “Invite new team member” to invite team members who haven’t logged in to Recruitee yet. You can assign different roles to the new team members. Click on “Show access details” to see which details or which job openings/Talent Pools the role can access. You can edit this access by clicking on “Manage roles.”

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

The members added to this Job will get email notifications of the Job’s activities.

Congratulations 😀 ! You have finished the walkthrough of creating a job opening in Recruitee.

Try it in Recruitee right away by clicking here. Or, you can go to the next step and create a stunning careers site to display employer brand and attract like-minded candidates.

In case you don’t have any job openings yet, there is a way to help you save candidates for future hiring. Check it out in the video below!

If you’ve got questions and would like more advice using Recruitee, join our 100% free product webinar today!