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Invite team members

Recruitment is a team effort and the whole collaboration can be done within Recruitee. Here is a quick look of how to set up your recruiting team:

Go to “Settings” on the left side menu, click “Team members” under “Company.” Then click “Invite a team member” button on the top right corner.

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

Now you can fill out the email address of the invited team member and select a role for them. You can read more about creating, editing, and deleting new roles here.

Then check the Job(s)/Talent Pool(s) that you want the invited team member to follow. When you finish, click “Send invitation.”

beginners guide - Recruitee recruitment software

The team members assigned to follow a job opening in Recruitee will get email notifications of that Job’s activities.

Congratulations 😀 ! You are now near the end of Beginners’ Guide. Invite a team member to your recruiting team here, or go to the next step: importing candidates.

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