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This is an Architect job description template. Made for posting on job boards and careers sites. Feel free to edit and customize it.

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architect job description

Job description

We are looking for a seasoned Architect to join our amazing team. You will work on different stages, including designing and supervising constructions.

  • Ensure high quality, functional, and creative designs.
  • Assess client needs and provide an appropriate timeline.
  • Design and present proposals and reports that stay within the timeline and budget.
  • Monitor project expenditures to ensure timely completion within the budget.
  • Create and finalize blueprints with appropriate software.
  • Ensure that all projects are compliant with local, state and federal guidelines, regulations and codes.
  • Work with other members of the design team and construction team.
  • Report project progress and changes to the management team and stakeholders.
  • Visit and oversee project sites on a regular basis.

Job benefits:

  • [X] salary
  • [X] vacation days
  • Sick, personal, and parental leave
  • Child and elder care
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Professional development

Job requirements

  • Portfolio of relevant architectural work.
  • Concrete knowledge of civil engineering requirements, federal guidelines, and regulations.
  • Excellent project management and communication skills.
  • Excellent sketching skill and good command of relevant software (Revit Architecture, SketchUp, 3D Max).
  • Appropriate licensing for the geographic area.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in [X] language.
  • [X] degree in Architecture or equivalent.