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This is an Electrician job description template. Made for posting on job boards and careers sites. Feel free to edit and customize it.

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Electrician job description

Job description

We’re looking for an experienced Electrician. You will perform a myriad of functions, from maintenance to installation to evaluation of existing systems.

  • Assemble, test, install, and maintain appliances, equipment, and fixtures.
  • Diagnose the causes of system failures and/or malfunctioning systems.
  • Connect wires to transformers, circuit breakers and other system components.
  • Inspect equipment and electric systems for heavy wear and tear and/or defects.
  • Advise the management team of critical systems that could be hazardous.
  • Use measurement tools to test the continuity of circuits in electrical wiring and systems.
  • Draft blueprints that display the position and orientation of critical system components, wiring, and circuitry.
  • Connect power cables and equipment by installing ground leads.
  • Perform manually taxing tasks, including digging ditches, lifting heavy equipment, and maintaining strenuous positions.

Job benefits:

  • [X] salary
  • [X] vacation days
  • Sick, personal, and parental leave
  • Child and elder care
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Professional development

Job requirements

  • Certified Practitioner’s License or other appropriate licensing.
  • A combined knowledge of building construction, mathematics, security and mechanics.
  • Successful completion of an apprenticeship program.
  • Take responsibility, have great attention to safety procedures and legal regulations.
  • Knowledge of appropriate building and fire safety codes for the geography region.
  • [X] year(s) experience as an electrician.
  • High School Diploma or other education requirement for the position type.