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This is a Head Chef job description template. Made for posting on job boards and careers sites. Feel free to edit and customize it.

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head chef job description

Job description

We are looking for a passionate Head Chef. You will lead a team of food specialists and sous chefs to ensure our food maintain the highest quality.

  • Design menus that enhance customers’ culinary experience while keeping up high quality.
  • Submit cost proposals for menu items.
  • Check batches of food items that are prepared weekly to ensure quality.
  • Track purchases of small items that are locally sourced.
  • Provide feedback regarding the food quality of bulk purchases.
  • Ensure that all food preparation is in accordance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Design standardized food presentation guidelines for each dish.
  • Monitor inventory levels of commonly used items.
  • Look for ways to reduce spoilage of infrequently used items.
  • Hire, train, and manage staff about proper kitchen sanitization methods.

Job benefits:

  • [X] salary
  • [X] vacation days
  • Sick, personal, and parental leave
  • Child and elder care
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Professional development

Job requirements

  • [X] year(s) experience as a Head Chef.
  • Ability to track expenses and manage a budget.
  • Licensure from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or other certifying agency.
  • Ability to manage a specialized team.
  • Strong passion for the art of food design.
  • Culinary Degree or equivalent experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in [X] language.