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This is a Programmer job description template. Made for posting on job boards and careers sites. Feel free to edit and customize it.

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Programmer job description

Job description

We are looking for a highly-skilled Programmer. You will develop and build the products that will put our company at the forefront of innovation.

  • Review program objectives to confirm project requirements.
  • Work with analysts, supervisors, and clients to input data and output requirements.
  • Analyze requirements in order to arrange the correct programming sequence and appropriate programming languages.
  • Convert work flow information in order to encode project requirements.
  • Document program development and revisions in order maintain a historical record.
  • Develop new applications from the concept inception phase to the testing phase.
  • Conduct iterative tests to continually improve program and make recommended modifications.
  • Provide tutorials and presentations to prepare program users.

Job benefits:

  • [X] salary
  • [X] vacation days
  • Sick, personal, and parental leave
  • Child and elder care
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Professional development

Job requirements

  • A passion for technology and building software.
  • In-depth knowledge of common programming languages (e.g. C++, Python, and Java) and framework (e.g. JSF, Wicket, and GWT)
  • Experience with databases such as SQL and Oracle.
  • [X] year(s) experience in Software Design with live products or projects.
  • Ability to apply technical theories, principles and techniques.
  • [X] degree in Computer Science or relevant fields.