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This is a SEO Consultant job description template. Made for posting on job boards and careers sites. Feel free to edit and customize it.

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SEO Consultant job description

Job description

We are seeking a savvy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant. You will advise our existing team of web developers and marketing professionals on the nuances of getting search engine optimization right.

  • Train web developers about SEO techniques.
  • Facilitate brainstorming exercises with an interdisciplinary team.
  • Collaborate with marketing professionals to develop keyword lists.
  • Train stakeholders about how to read dashboard feedback and metrics.
  • Review existing web content, landing pages, and metrics to make actionable recommendations.
  • Work with sales team to monitor conversation rates.
  • Develop metrics to measure the achievement of conversation goals.

Job benefits:

  • [X] salary
  • [X] vacation days
  • Sick, personal, and parental leave
  • Child and elder care
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Professional development

Job requirements

  • Superb training and development skills.
  • Experience with web-design, front and/or back-end development.
  • [X] year(s) experience in search engine optimization.
  • Strong analytical thinking and communication skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in [X] language.
  • [X] degree in relevant fields.