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ISO 27001:2005

ISO 27001:2005 - recruitee recruitment software

What is ISO 27001:2005?

ISO 27001:2005 is an international requirement that organizations of all types follow the proper procedures for information security management. It’s designed with the intention of providing customized regulations for security needs within any type of organization.

Uses of ISO 27001:2005

There are many different facets of security regulation. Here are some of the ways in which ISO 27001:2005 may be used, taken and paraphrased from

  • To formulate security requirements and objectives
  • To ensure the cost effectiveness of security risk management
  • To ensure compliance with laws and regulations
  • To provide a framework for the implementation and management of controls
  • To ensure that the specific security objectives are met
  • To define new information security management processes
  • To identify and clarify existing information security management processes
  • To determine the status of information security management activities
  • To determine the degree of compliance with the policies, directives and standards
  • To provide relevant information about information security policies, directives, standards and procedures to trading partners and other organizations with whom they interact for operational or commercial reasons
  • To implement business-enabling information security
  • To provide relevant information about information security to customers

The importance of ISO 27001:2005

You may be wondering why all of this talk about security management is important, but the answer is simple: it protects user information, in your case, it is candidate information. With ISO 27001:2005 in place and properly followed, you can rest assured that the tools your are working with are keeping all the data safe and secure.

In Recruitee’s case, our goal is to keep your information and your candidate’s information safe and secure. We are a cloud-based ATS (Applicant Tracking System) outside the jurisdiction of the Patriot Act, and our servers are safe and secure. You can feel at ease using Recruitee to manage candidate information, and your candidates should know that they are safe with us, too!