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Recruitment Marketing

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Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is an umbrella term that covers a range of strategies and tactics for finding, attracting and engaging talent so they want to apply for an open job position. The marketing focuses mainly on the phase before a candidate applies. The main goal is to communicate your employer branding and extend your reach and visibility of job openings and career opportunities.

Channels for recruitment marketing

For recruitment marketing, many channels can be applied just as in any kind of marketing. Channels can be either paid or free, and the strategy can be different for every organization. The following channels can be used for recruitment marketing:

What recruitment marketing can do for you

First of all, your employer brand will determine how desirable you appear as an employer to potential candidates. This is vital for attracting motivated and talented applicants. Through marketing, you can make sure you communicate and establish who you are and what you stand for as an employer.

Furthermore, you can reach a much bigger audience through using the right channels. By targeting your job advertisements to the right specific audience, you can make sure you reach the applicants you want.

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