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Applicant Tracking System

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What is Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software (either online, downloadable, mobile, or otherwise) that allows businesses and recruitment agencies, large and small, to streamline the recruitment process and enhance company growth. Most modern ATS provide everything needed for hiring in one platform, helping you pick the best candidates for your company in a timely manner.

The following are the most typical features/benefits that a modern ATS should include:

  1. Job Opening Management – Organize job openings, post them on online job boards with one click.
  2. Candidate Management – Keep track of candidate information without having to open 50 tabs in your browser.
  3. Careers Site Editors – Save time, effort, and money on outsourcing your careers site design. Make an aesthetically pleasing careers site that displays who you are as an employer. A careers site editor allows you to easily pick and choose what the site looks like. It even supports SEO (search engine optimization).
  4. Talent Pool ManagementTalent Pools are reserves of talented potential candidates that you have sourced to dip into at a later date, when a relevant job opening becomes available.
  5. Team ManagementHiring as a team helps you build a great team from the get-go. Keep your team connected and working together, even cross-departmentally, with notes and features in an ATS that allows collaboration.
  6. Recruitment Analysis – It is important to constantly optimize the hiring process. Do so with data and analytics retrieved from your ATS along the way.
  7. Sourcing Tools – A sourcing extension allows you to auto-input data from potential candidates on the internet, with the click of a button in your browser.
  8. Live Support

How to Choose an Applicant Tracking System

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing an ATS, but these are the main ones to use as a starting point:

  1. Your budget
  2. Your company size
  3. Your company’s growth goals
  4. Your yearly hiring needs
  5. Your HR Department size
  6. The hiring tools you currently use (if any), as well as strengths as weaknesses of those
  7. Integration capabilities of the ATS (social media, job boards, etc.)
  8. Reviews and ratings of the ATS

Recruitee is an ATS with all of the above features. It allows you to parse resumes, create application forms, post to job boards with one click, and more. You can sign up for a free 18-day trial to try it out for yourself!