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What is Applicant Tracking?

Applicant tracking is the process by which an employer or recruiter organizes candidate information when hiring for a position or positions within a business or organization. Organization in the hiring process is key to remaining sane! It also helps quite a bit to ensure that the process runs smoothly, allowing candidates to be easily ranked and their information kept safe and secure.

Perks of Applicant Tracking

There are a variety of benefits to tracking your applicants effectively. Here are some reasons to start optimizing your applicant tracking today, rather than waiting until it is time to hire new employees:

  • Streamlines the hiring process
  • Keeps candidate information secure
  • Keeps you sane
  • Tracks candidate engagement, such as interviews
  • Allows for ranking and rating of applicants
  • Ensures the right hire

Ways to Track Applicants

Every company and recruiting agency has a certain method of application tracking. Some are arguably better than others, as there are new technology that allow for the streamlining of said management popping up every day. Recruitment tools are available that can automatically input candidate information for you, organize the information, allow for collaboration and note taking between hiring team members, and more. Here are some of the basic ways to track applicants out there:

  • Paper files and fifty open tabs with candidate info (not recommended!)
  • Excel files (also not recommended!)
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) – the new breed that will save you headaches

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