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What is an Automated Email?

In recruitment in particular, there are many instances in which the recruitment team must interact with numerous candidates. Whether it be to confirm an application or inform a candidate of disqualification, email is widely used to conduct this sort of communication. When there is a large volume of emails to be sent, as there often are with recruiting processes that involve a large amount of candidates, it is helpful to have these emails automated. This simply means that the email messages are automatically sent to candidates at certain times in the recruitment process, decided by the HR professionals. This prevents them from having to manually handle an inundation of emails and allows for more time to be focused on the actual recruitment process.

When Should I Use Automated Emails?

There are times when automated emails are appropriate, and other times, a personalized message may be more well-received. You want the candidate experience to be positive, so it’s important to make the distinction between these two types of emails. Here are some general examples of times when automated emails would be appropriate:

  • Confirmation of application
  • Updates about the application process
  • Advancement of candidates to the next round
  • Disqualification of candidates

The last bullet point regarding disqualification should be on a case-by-case basis. If the disqualification is early on with little personal interaction with the candidate, this may be perfectly fine. However, a candidate may feel betrayed and jaded if an easily-detectable automated email is sent letting them know that they are not being chosen for the position. This may happen if the candidate has gone through many rounds or had in-depth conversations with the recruiting team. It is important to judge these situations carefully. Also remember that you can’t please everyone! There will always be a candidate that is upset with the outcome of the application process, but being courteous is the least you can do to better the candidate experience.

Email automation doesn’t have to sound robotic. With an ATS (applicant tracking system) like Recruitee, you are able to craft personalized emails that can still be automated, saving you time and effort that could be focused elsewhere in the hiring process. Try Recruitee free for 18 days to see how it works!