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What is a Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency is a firm separate from an employer that is looking to fill a position or positions. The agency is enlisted to source talent that would be suited for the role(s). Some recruiters work as independent contractors and do similar jobs, but a recruitment agency is typically a team of recruiters that are allocated to certain recruitment tasks. The recruiters will reach out to potential candidates to inform them about the position and attempt to source them for that position.

There are different methods of doing so, but typically recruiters will use a careers site with a job listing, job boards, social media (LinkedIn InMail is infamous), cold calls, etc. This may also differ depending on how much the employer, themselves, have already taken care of (i.e., job description, careers site).

Why They are Used

The recruitment process takes time and resources, and if an organization is lacking in those areas, they may want to outsource to a recruitment agency. Many employers fear that if they don’t have the time and effort to properly design a hiring process, they won’t be successful. It’s too easy to get the wrong hire, because all candidates will put their best foot forward when applying and interviewing. Recruitment agencies are the way to go if you don’t think you have the resources to really work on your hiring process.

On the other hand, no one knows your company and its hiring needs quite like you and your employees! For this reason, a hiring process designed with the whole team in mind is a better option. Employees have their own networks, and if they are engrossed in the company culture, they can very well be better at sourcing talent than a recruiter. In any case, as long as your recruitment team, in house or out, is briefed well on the hiring expectations and work environment, it should make for a great foundation to a successful hire.

Tools that Benefit Recruiters

Whether an employer uses its own HR professionals or hires a recruitment agency, there are tools out there that help streamline and organize the process. Here are a few we recommend:

  • An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for organizing candidate info and hiring workflow
  • A sourcing tool for collecting candidate info from around the internet
  • Careers site editors
  • Mainstream and niche job boards
  • A tool for social media promotion of job listings
  • Social media sites, like LinkedIn and Twitter

There are plenty of tools out there to help streamline the recruitment process. Recruitee was built with teams in mind, and the software works well for any size business, as well as recruitment agencies! So if you are hiring for yourself or others, try Recruitee free for 18 days to see how it can make your hiring process the best it can be.