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Recruitment Analysis - Recruitee recruitment software

What is Recruitment Analysis?

Recruitment analysis is inclusive of data tracked during the recruitment process. This can include everything in the hiring pipeline, from employer branding to the final recap and reevaluation after hire. This data is then analyzed to show trends used by recruitment professionals to constantly optimize their hiring process.

Why Should I Use Recruitment Analysis?

The better question is: why not? If the measurable data is available, and you have the recruitment tools to analyze it, there is no real reason why you shouldn’t be using recruitment analysis. However, here are some standout reasons why tracking and analyzing data during the hiring process is beneficial.

  • Outlines problems, or at least areas that could use improvement, in the recruitment process
  • Enhances the HR team’s ability to recognize these areas of weakness
  • Can focus on a variety of metrics, or KPIs (key performance indicators), dependent on the company’s needs
  • Shows ROI (return on investment) of sources candidates are drawn from
  • Can be real-time, so you can optimize as you go
  • Telling of areas to focus on, especially if it is comprised of clean, concise data (there are recruitment tools out there to help with this!)

I’m Afraid of Messing up the Data – What Tools Should I Use?

The last bullet point illustrated above mentions recruitment tools. There are tools out there that can help ease the pain of manually entering data, as well as choosing the wrong data to track and analyze to solve a particular hiring problem. Here are a few we recommend:

Some ATS, like Recruitee, have built-in data and analytics, allowing you to never have to guess what metrics to use or if you are making errors in collection or analysis. Try it free for 18 days today!