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What is a Recruitment Process?

A recruitment process or a hiring process is the steps which employers take to attract, select, hire, and onboard talent. The goal of a recruitment process is to select the right candidates to hire, often compiling talent pools (lists of talent to keep for future use) and, when the opportunity arises, filling a position or multiple positions with the best possible candidate. This can be a combination of qualifications and overall fit.

The recruitment process can vary greatly from employer to employer, as each business has different hiring needs and company culture. However, there is a guideline that outlines the basic steps involved in the process:

  1. Define hiring needs (job description, type of employee, benefits offered, etc.)
  2. Search for talent (using a sourcing tool, employee referral, etc.)
  3. Keep talent pools (whether you are ready to hire or not!)
  4. Create a careers site (promote your employer brand)
  5. Post job openings (on job boards, forums, blogs, etc.)
  6. Advertise the position
  7. Screen candidates
  8. Conduct interviews
  9. Salary negotiation
  10. Hire!

This list may be edited according to an employer’s own timeline and needs, and thus, the order may shift around as necessary.

Who should be involved in the recruitment process?

  • Hiring Manager
  • Recruiter
  • CEO/Founder/Co-Founder(s)
  • Manager/Supervisor of the new hire
  • Coworkers/Peers that will be directly involved with the new hire

Hiring together is the best way to ensure the right hire. The whole team that will be working directly with the new hire should be involved, allowing for ideas to bounce off of each other and employees to use their professional experience and networks to attract new talent. Utilizing current employees in various hiring roles can offer different perspectives and different candidate impressions to be collected. Many employers and recruitment agencies choose to use an ATS (applicant tracking system) like Recruitee to streamline the recruitment process and optimize collaboration in hiring. To see for yourself, sign up for a free 18-day trial!