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What is a Recruitment Team?

A recruitment team is a group of people working together to hire for a new position or positions within an organization. This may consist of two HR professionals, the entire office, or any number of individuals in between. Likewise, the location and practices of the recruitment team may vary.

Some employers hire using in-house recruitment, and some outsource to recruitment agencies or firms. In any case, all recruitment teams have one goal: to hire the right employee. They may reach this goal differently, but most times, recruitment teams go through a process of promoting a job opening, sourcing talent, evaluating candidates, interviewing, shortlisting, and hiring.

What Constitutes a Successful Recruitment Team?

Now that you have a solid understanding of what a recruitment team may look like, here are some suggestions on how to be successful as a recruitment team.

  • Define company culture. Who is your company? What do you stand for? What type of people do you want to represent you as a company?
  • Rally employees together. It’s important that employees are on the same page. Make an honest effort to cultivate and grow company culture.
  • Evaluate past efforts. Acknowledge weaknesses as well as strengths. Where there is room for improvement, improve.
  • Define hiring needs specific to the open position. Outline key qualifications and characteristics of the right hire.
  • Utilize employee networks. Your employees know the company best. Let them work as ambassadors, reaching out to their networks to find not only a knowledgeable fit, but a cultural one, as well.
  • Offer incentives to the team. Whether it’s a team night out or recognition of hard work, the recruitment team needs drive to make this thing work.

Tools that Help Achieve This

A great tip for a successful recruitment team is to utilize collaborative tools. Here are a few we suggest:

  • Tools for communication between team members
  • Tools for workflow communication
  • Sourcing extensions for multi-person, one-click sourcing across the internet
  • Tools for interactive social media promotion
  • A cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS)

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