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What is a Sourcing Tool?

A sourcing tool is any aid, predominantly online-based, that assists in the acquisition and retention of potential candidates for an open position. Employers and recruiters, alike, can use sourcing tools to streamline and organize the sourcing process. For instance, an HR professional looking to hire an Administrative Assistant would use a sourcing tool rather than keeping fifty tabs open on their computer in order to organize potential candidate information.

Why You Should Use a Sourcing Tool

If you think that you can get along with paper filing and those fifty tabs of potential candidate resumes, think again. Sourcing tools are invaluable in order to make the right choices and, ultimately, the right hire. Here are a few reasons why a sourcing tool will be a great addition to your hiring process:

  • Streamlines the hiring process
  • Allows for more optimization and tweaking of the process
  • Conveniency
  • Keeps you organized (organization = sanity)
  • Allows for collaboration in the selection process
  • Automates potential candidate interactions
  • Allows for more candidates to be acquired and retained in less time

Types of Sourcing Tools

There are new sourcing tools popping up every day, but there are some tried and true products that have proven invaluable to the hiring process.

You may be wondering why you would have all of those sourcing tools just to achieve one goal of finding talent. However, they are all useful in different ways. Search engines help you gather data and contact information of candidates. Sourcing extensions allow you to use one click in your browser to import them to a system.

One way to get the sourcing tools that you need all in one platform is by obtaining an ATS (applicant tracking system). Recruitee is an ATS that streamlines sourcing, organizing candidate info and providing tools such as a careers site editor and sourcing extension. Try it for free today to see what we mean! You’ll never have so much free time as a recruiter/employer again.