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What is a Talent Pool?

Contrary to how it sounds, a talent pool isn’t a swimming pool filled with talented people. Well, it sort of is in a virtual way. A talent pool is a compilation of potential candidates sourced for utilization at a later date. Recruitment agencies and companies make use of talent pools to streamline the hiring process. Regardless of whether or not you are actively hiring, talent pools serve as a reserve for interesting talent found at any time. This can be dipped into, so to speak, when you are ready to hire for an open position.

Why Use a Talent Pool?

There are various ways in which you can utilize talent pools, but here are the most beneficial:

  • To keep track of talent that may be better suited for a position at a later date
  • To save time when hiring needs arise
  • To ensure the right hire
  • To have a reserve of qualified candidates when a position needs to be filled quickly
  • To continuously assess talent needs
  • To revisit candidates from previous applications

Where to Source for Talent Pools

Talent pools can be used by recruiters and hiring teams, alike. They are an easy way to compile all the talent found when using a sourcing extension. It keeps track of them in an organized fashion so that when the opportunity arises to contact them for a position, it is easy to do so. But where do you find the talent to fill them up, and what tools allow you to create them? Here are some ideas:

  • Create talent pools with an ATS (applicant tracking system)
  • Use sourcing extensions to import candidate info with one click in your browser
  • Source from:
    • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, wherever!)
    • Internal employees
    • Employee networks
    • Forums
    • Blogs
    • Resume search engines

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