The complete package of tools to drive a recruitment strategy aligned with your organization's mission.
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With Recruitee, you have the freedom to customize your software to fit and support your strategic hiring needs.

Empower your hiring team

Bolster your team's amibitions with our customizable support options.

API support

Tailored onboarding and rollout strategy

Regular team consultations with your dedicated customer success representative

Customized structures to accommodate for large organizations and sub-companies

BI connector for customizable data

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Strengthen your security and compliance

Stay ahead of compliance mandates with our legal and security measures.


Custom contracts

Additional security measures

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About the product

Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform, designed to grow with you and your organization from launching your early stage hiring process, to scaling those processes in a hyper-growth stage, and finally leading your hiring team with a fully supported platform aligned with your company strategy.