Optimise vacancies and eradicate bias and jargon with AI-driven analysis and concrete text suggestions.

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What is CorTexter?

CorTexter is a software company delivering Artificial Intelligence recruiters can benefit from. Our vacancy text enhancements integrate with recruitment software like Recruitee to bring hiring professionals all the tools they need to excel without ever leaving their browser.

Ways to use CorTexter

CorTexter's Bias Detector will help you find more candidates that are more diverse. Our software finds hidden biases, vague language, and jargon and provides replacements. The generic analysis guides you to optimise the length, complexity, readability, and findability of your vacancies.

Recruitee + CorTexter =

- Improved candidate experience
- Better diversity, equality, and inclusion in language and candidates
- Less time mulling over words to replace complex, vague, or biased terms

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using CorTexter and Recruitee together, visit the help article.