The #1 platform to hire scarce talent fast, with Europe’s best 100 recruiters for every talent pool by your side.

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What is HirePort?

*Available languages: English & Dutch*

HirePort is the total talent platform for external recruitment.

- One platform for hiring from all talent pools
- One platform to manage all recruitment suppliers
- Your set of terms

Ways to use HirePort

Connect Recruitee with the HirePort platform to enable 100+ of the best recruitment suppliers to start working on your vacancy and receive the best matching talent within days.

Recruitee + HirePort =

- Hire effortlessly via the best recruitment suppliers, all from your own ATS.
- No more unwanted calls, emails, and phone calls from different recruiters.
- No more scouting, managing, and negotiating with different recruitment suppliers.
- More qualified and diverse talent by easily working with the best recruiters at once.
- Lightning-fast hiring by unlocking the power of the 100 best recruitment suppliers in any talent pool.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using HirePort and Recruitee together, visit the help article.