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What is Whire?

*Available languages: English*

Whire helps companies hire great people faster through its platform and a top-tier community of hiring ambassadors. That saves your company hours on pre-screening and outreach efforts and thousands on job ads and agency fees — without compromising candidate quality. Join Whire to find qualified candidates quickly, scale job referral programs, fight bias, and enhance diversity!

Ways to use Whire

- Whire will retrieve your open jobs from your ATS, allowing you to easily select the ones you’d like to broadcast.
- New candidates will appear directly in your ATS, where you can hire or reject them. Whire will then automatically inform the referrer and candidates about the outcome.
- When you close or archive your job from your ATS, Whire will automatically stop broadcasting it to the community and stop accepting new applications.

Recruitee + Whire  =

- Unlock Borderless Hiring by broadcasting your jobs to the Whire community of hiring ambassadors.
- Receive referrals from vetted and accountable industry peers.
- Pay when you hire. Hiring fees are available transparently online at whire.net/pricing.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using Whire and Recruitee together, visit the help article.

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To learn more about using
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