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Integrate with Figure HR (Interactive Offer Letters)

under review

Company: FigureHR Rundown: FigureHR is a SaaS company based out of Seattle. They create interactive offer letter functionality that can be integrated with our ATS. It basically means we can send the offer letters to our potential new colleagues without leaving the Recruitee app. At the moment they offer integrations with Greenhouse and Lever. Example of an offer letter: Example of what it can look like: In the ATS, you fill out the variable parts of the offer letter (salary, contract duration etc) in the candidate profile When: January 1st 2022 Other comments: I'm currently in the negotiating phase Questions to you(r team): can we create this integration in a similar way they have it with Greenhouse? What are the steps to making this happen? What (else) would you need from me?

Thread email response

under review

A candidate reported (and I confirmed with my own personal email client) that when you respond to candidate emails through the UI, they are rendered as new emails in candidate's email clients.


under review Transform your talent acquisition process. Save time and money with SkillSurvey Reference to drive better decisions and reduce bias and SkillSurvey Source to find new talent. Skillsurvey would be great to have in the US market. Great to handle references in Recruitee.

Respect Google rate limit when sending emails

under review

Sometimes we'll source 50-100 candidates and then send outreach to all of them via Recruitee by moving them to a certain job stage with an associated email action. About: - 50% of emails send successfully - 40% of emails fail to send due to Google rate limiting issues - 10% of emails fail at first then seem to succeed on automatic re-send It'd be nice if Recruitee took Google's sending rate limits into account when sending these emails, so that close to 100% send successfully. I don't mind if it takes a few extra minutes to send the emails.

Map bug

under review

There's a gray bar above the map (see the screenshot attached). It's possible to move the map around and cover it up, but it goes back to how it is in the screenshot.



planned Canadian job board, popular in the Province of Quebec.

Adjustment ''date'' based on action


'"Date'' is now based upon date the profile was made. We need a split so we can calculate every stage/fase. A profile made date is not good enough to check the 'time to fill' of 'time in every stage' In reporting we need date of hired, date of pre screening, date of start etc. Only date profile is made is not sufficient.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs


When publishing a premium campaign through Recruitee to Indeed, make this job visible in the Indeed account as well, so that the analytics can be used. At the moment, the campaign will not be visible in the Indeed account.


planned HR onboarding app

Facebook Jobs


The option to post jobs to Facebook.

In progress

Make candidate name in tasks on dahboard clickable

in progress

When I open a task, I can't tap on the candidate's name to get to the profile.

Lucca HR

in progress Integrate with Lucca HR in order to send candidates from Recruitee to the HRIS


in progress Send candidate data to send assessment tests to get evaluations that allow the recruiter and hiring manager to compare the qualifications and skills of the candidates to the needs and demands of the job position. Alone, a candidate's resume can look impressive, but if it does not match the demands of the position, it may not be useful for the company.

Tooltip for missing answers in application form on mobile

in progress

When applying in WebApp, you get a tooltip for the field that is not filled in. This would be great to also receive when applying on the mobile version. You receive a hint when a text field is not filled out (e.g. Name or email address) but not when a box is not ticked

Change the order of department and location on CS

in progress

Ability to change the order of location on the career site.

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