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Under Review

Pasting HTML text from different apps in job editor doesn't work properly

under review

Users are complaining that pasting HTML text from different apps doesn't work properly. We already know that it happens because we are limiting HTML tags that can be inserted to our editor, due to safety reasons. But customers are complaining and mentioned that it is time consuming to edit the job manually

Sourcing extension erases all the filled out information when changing roles

under review

When I change the job I'd like to source the candidate for, the information I put in gets deleted, like the name, email, notes.

The ability to create different "Job detail pages" to link towards

under review

Add job detail 'contract hours' next to location and department

under review

Besides 'location' and 'department' customer would like to add the contract hours on the career site so it is visible for the candidate without scanning through the job text.


under review

ADP Workforce Now integration is important for the US market.



planned Canadian job board, popular in the Province of Quebec.

Adjustment ''date'' based on action


'"Date'' is now based upon date the profile was made. We need a split so we can calculate every stage/fase. A profile made date is not good enough to check the 'time to fill' of 'time in every stage' In reporting we need date of hired, date of pre screening, date of start etc. Only date profile is made is not sufficient.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs


When publishing a premium campaign through Recruitee to Indeed, make this job visible in the Indeed account as well, so that the analytics can be used. At the moment, the campaign will not be visible in the Indeed account.


planned HR onboarding app

Facebook Jobs


The option to post jobs to Facebook.

In progress

Score (HTML) Integration - e.g. Kununu (German market)

in progress

Ability to integrate a short HTML Widget via Text/Box on the careers page 2.0 Outdated:


in progress

We need that the endpoint to be able to filter and see the candidates by the "updated_at" field, where this field is the last time the candidate's data were modified, and not activity of the candidate, for example wen we change the telephone number, the name, etc. Another option is that the two update dates are returned in the json, the activity date and the data change date. Thanks

Career Site Beta Stage

in progress

Ability to edit and preview career site in beta mode without making permanent changes

Cancel subscription - notification

in progress

Customer is asking if they could have a notification which mentions that they have cancel their subscription. This will serve as a proof of cancellation.

in progress

please add to the free job boards.

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