Predict Features

Job Reports

Get an overview of your recruitment data and visualize your hiring performance.

Job overview

Get a clear overview of your hiring performance per job, with all the key data at your fingertips.

Clean overview

Timeline comparison

Data visualization

Automated report

Candidate pipeline

Assess your candidate journey and determine major drop-off points in your pipelines.

Pipeline overview

Drop-off & proceed rates

Pipeline speed

Detailed reporting

Events & activities

Get an overview of your team’s activities and performance per job.

Activities overview

Email stats

Evaluation scores

Event data

What others say

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Features overview

Recruitee brings together the most important features to help you get an overview of your performance per job.

Automated reports
Clean visualization
Detailed reporting
Job overview
Pipeline report
Activities report

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About the product

Recruitee is a Talent Acquisition Platform, designed to help you Attract
the best talent, Automate manual tasks, and Predict hiring success.