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November 18, 2019
October 21, 2021
Stefanos Karakasis
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Today, we’re launching our integration with Codility, which enables you to assess the skills of tech candidates more accurately. As a recruiter, making sure that you identify the best talent for your open roles can be difficult, no matter what the position.

However, that challenge becomes even greater when you’re trying to find talent for hard-to-fill tech roles such as engineers and developers.

Previously the only way to evaluate a candidate’s coding proficiency was to have one of your developers sit with each candidate and assess their fit for the role. This is not just time-consuming, but also difficult to standardize, which could cause some of your best talent to slip through the cracks.

With the Codility integration, Recruitee customers can automate this process early on and make sure that each candidate is being assessed against the same criteria. This means that your busy hiring team only spends time with the most viable candidates once they make it to the interview stage.

If you already have a Codility account, activating the integration is easy. Once complete, you’ll be able to specify the type of test that you’d like to send and send different tests for the different roles you’re hiring for. Everything can be done from Recruitee, including reviewing the test results.

If you’re hiring technical talent and are looking for a better way to assess their technical skills, sign up for a free trial here or request a demo.

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