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July 14, 2020
November 9, 2021
Mischa van Rijsse
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We here at Recruitee are proud to announce two exciting benchmarks:

  1. We were recently ranked #21 in a list of fastest growing SaaS companies, globally.
  2. And we have been listed as a Momentum Leader in the Applicant Tracking System category in G2’s Grid for Applicant Tracking Systems.

Ranking among SaaS leaders

We are thrilled to share that Recruitee is ranked 21 out of 1,000 SaaS companies worldwide. The list is compiled annually by SaaSMag and ranks 1,000 SaaS companies globally on hiring trends, growth indicators, and the total number of employees. Companies must have anywhere from 40 to 1,000 employees and work in the SaaS space to be considered for the list.

Recruitee pulled through this year as the highest ranking out of the five Dutch companies listed and ranked first out of all ATS providers listed. SaaSMag bases these results on an algorithm used over a six month period, which show Recruitee experienced almost 50% growth during the past half year.

Momentum leader

Recently G2 Crowd named Recruitee as a Momentum Leader in the Applicant Tracking System category, which is another important benchmark for us. According to the G2’s Grid for Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruitee is quickly becoming a recruitment standard for fast-growing companies around the world.

The results are based on reviews by verified users of ATS’s worldwide. Rankings include ratings on user satisfaction, features, employee growth, and product pricing. Together these factors indicate what G2 calls ‘momentum’ and product potential.

We listen to our customers

The G2 Crowd Momentum Grid named Recruitee a high performer in the satisfaction category which is a real testament to our user reviews.

At Recruitee, we have always put our customers first. We believe customer feedback lays the foundations for improving our business and our product. As a result, our customer success team has grown rapidly within the last year. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, we take our customers’ words to heart and into our product. This way we’re able to constantly update, test, and improve our platform to grow with our customers.

A growing number of cutting-edge features

We are committed to making the hiring process better candidates and the day-to-day job of recruiters easier. We do this by constantly researching and creating new features that automate the manual and repetitive tasks for recruiters.

Recently, we launched an AI-driven job promotion engine. This new feature allows users to have their jobs matched with the channels that connect them with the right talent. Using AI and predictive analytics, we are bringing improved transparency and better results for job promotion campaigns.

Another watershed feature for our users is multi-language. This multi-faceted feature helps users localize and translate their careers site and jobs to their candidates preferred languages. This means even more teams, many of whom are hiring in multiple languages, can use Recruitee to attract and hire international talent.

Expanding the team and company brand

In the last year, the Recruitee team grew from 40 to 60 employees across two offices (Amsterdam and Poznan) and is set to exceed 80 by the end of this year. New roles were created to improve the product and strengthen the brand image including Video, PR, Events, Design, Integrations, Mobile, and Localization.

Alongside a growing team, the Recruitee brand has also made great strides. The website was revamped with a new look and feel, representing the external face of a user-friendly and accessible platform.

Pricing that’s accessible for teams

Recruitee has a passion for building beautiful, scalable software. This means that we’ve made our platform available and easy-to-use for teams of all sizes. It’s a core value that’s reflected in our pricing.

Our subscriptions are affordable and tiered. We don’t set a limit on the number of team members because we believe collaborative hiring empowers teams to make better hires. This makes it easy and affordable for both small and large companies to work with Recruitee.

Recruitee helps companies grow with us

Ultimately, our momentum in the recruitment tech and global SaaS market is based on one central belief: technology enables better hiring. Whether it’s improving on our product based on customer feedback or developing cutting-edge features for our users, we want to empower teams to use tech in their hiring. With a user-friendly product and growing team to keep up our momentum, we have no intention slowing down any time soon.

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