Let’s hire together: celebrating one year of Recruitee and 2000+ customers!

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April 24, 2020
November 5, 2021
Perry Oostdam
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August turns out to be a special month for our team. This year, we’ve celebrated the first anniversary of the official opening of our company, welcomed our 2000th customer, and reached the 50,000th job opening published via our platform.

After a year of many great experiences and valuable customer feedback, we’ve decided it’s time to update our branding and launch a new website. One that shows what we stand for.

Remote work calls for collaboration

When our founders met and decided to start recruitment software together, they set up a remote working structure from day one – Paul works on development in Poland, and Perry works on operations in the Netherlands. Remote teams need to work together efficiently, despite the geographical distance. It’s a challenge, but it’s also a real advantage when managed correctly. Dedicated team members who can work independently will make the team flexible and fast.

So Recruitee implemented the right online collaboration tools from the get-go: Trello (project management), Slack (team chat), Toggle (time tracking), and Google Drive (file sharing). Remote work and online collaboration are the essence of our company. They define who we are and what we stand for.

From self-driving cars to Mars colonization, humans are able to push technology a long way. With all these great innovative tools out there, we often wonder why HR is lagging behind. When we participate in discussions with professionals or talk with prospects about recruitment software, we often hear experiences like:

  • The interface is too clunky, especially for first-time team members that join the hiring activities.
  • We don’t see who is doing what or who is saying what; communication is everywhere.
  • Seats are limited, data is limited, or features are limited.

The bottom line? Most software does not allow you to truly hire together. Buried emails. Unorganized teams. Missed deadlines. Missed opportunities.

Our sole wish for building Recruitee is to make collaborative recruitment software. Everyone must be able to hire together: from making the careers site, posting jobs, sourcing and managing candidates, to optimizing the hiring process.

After one year of making this wish come true, we’ve updated our branding and website to reflect this goal.Our logo depicts a team.

Recruitee’s new website greets you with “Build great teams together”. That is the one sentence that illustrates our belief: always strive to be great by having everyone hire together.

That’s also why a payment model based on seats would not fit our values. We encourage having more ATS users on your hiring team, or even better, turning your whole company into your hiring team. With this, all of our plans provide unlimited seats. Forever.

Why collaborate? The three pillars of success.

It shortens your time-to-hire.

The most time-consuming stage is to have the right candidates apply. Instead of waiting for them to fall into your hiring pipeline, ask your team members first. All of us already have a professional network that can be tapped into. Not only developers know developers. Designers who used to work on big projects also know developers. Trust that people won’t make bad recommendations; they know that it also affects their reputation. Referrals are, and will continue to be, the best source of great candidates.

It ensures quality cultural-fit hires.

In a young company, founders establish the company’s culture and work directly with everybody. After that, the culture is built and maintained by the team members. Only they know how it is like to work on certain projects on a daily basis. Excluding this perspective during the hiring process will guarantee you this all-too-familiar scenario: candidate looks good on paper, candidate passes the technical tests, candidate sounds good during an interview, candidate quits (or is fired) after the first week.

It builds and strengthens your employer brand.

Candidates will choose to work for you, or your competitor, depending on your employer brand. This kind of brand isn’t something the marketing department alone can handle. Each and every team member carries it and becomes the brand’s ambassador. One good way to do it is involving them in referral programs. You’ll be surprised to see how empowered people are to contribute to the team’s growth.

It’s not a feature, or another recruitment software either.

What we sell is collaborative hiring. We make sure that everyone, from the least tech-savvy to the nerdiest, can work on hiring together. 2000 companies, along with Recruitee, have grown their teams with this philosophy.

Thank you for supporting us. We believe that the best is yet to come. And we won’t stop working together.

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