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November 26, 2019
November 5, 2021
Mischa van Rijsse
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Recruitee, Europe’s fastest-growing Talent Acquisition Platform, launches ‘multi-language’ accessibility to help its 3,000 customers around the world go global with their hiring.

The new feature gives recruiters the tools to set multiple languages for their careers sites and published job offers. This allows companies to localize their careers site and job postings and to reach out to international talent. With multi-language, hiring teams can take their performance to a whole new level by hiring internationally.

Overcoming language barriers

Organizations are increasingly internationally focused, yet attracting international candidates is a huge challenge across industries. Up to 76% of recruiters say that finding the best talent is their greatest hiring challenge. Adding an international component to finding talent makes the search even more challenging. In the fight for the best talent, a localized candidate experience and connecting with candidates in their preferred language, can mark the difference between success and failure.

“In a highly competitive recruitment market, companies are looking for ways to improve their candidate experience. When recruiting international talent, multi-language is a great way to create a warm welcome for your potential new hires.”
Perry Oostdam
CEO Recruitee

Making multi-language recruitment accessible

Multi-language is a functionality that enables hiring teams to localize their careers sites and job offers in over 150 languages. The supported languages include Dutch, German, English and French and recruitment teams can add other languages by inserting their own translations.

Key benefits of the multi-language feature include:

  • Recruiters reach global and international talent more easily
  • Career Site and job offers are localized
  • Supported in 4 different languages: English, German, Dutch and French
  • Add any additional language to showcase your careers site and jobs

For recruiters, the day-to-day of hiring internationally has just become easier and more efficient. They don’t have to make an entirely new career site in a new language. With multi-language they can customize and tailor, based on their target language directly within the careers site.

Potential candidates can also view job offers in their preferred language to find the most relevant job matching their profile. In competitive international markets, offering multi-language accessibility for job seekers is an employer branding differentiator.

“Recruitees’ user-friendly software allows us to save time by automating manual tasks, which allows us to focus on what matters most: the candidate experience.”
Bas Kohnke
Founder & CEO Impraise

Creating a diverse international workforce

Companies are putting more and more emphasis on creating a diverse, international workforce. As recruiters look internationally for talent, they need the right tools to connect with new target audiences in whatever language they may speak.

By launching multi-language, Recruitee makes it possible for hiring processes to evolve as teams grow and expand internationally, wherever and in whatever language that may be.

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