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February 16, 2021
November 5, 2021
Monica Ciovica
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We are excited to let you in on some fantastic news: Recruitee is joining forces with Sympa, a leading provider of core HR software, to shape the global future of HR tech! As many of you already know, collaboration is at the heart of our product. So it's natural that collaboration will also be the foundation of our future growth.

This new relationship between Recruitee and Sympa expands our horizons and creates new opportunities for us, our teams, and our customers. Backed by Providence Strategic Growth (PSG) as a majority shareholder, we are better equipped to support product development and future growth. Under the same umbrella, the Sympa and Recruitee teams will work closely together and build a strategic partnership to provide our customers with the best HR tools for their business- the best HR tech can get!

Together with Sympa, we'll serve a customer base of more than 4,000 users across Europe and the United States, supported by a team of over 250 dedicated employees. This means that we'll instantly create one of Europe’s biggest HR tech powerhouses.

Looking back to our early beginnings in 2015, I'm not sure if Pawel (Recruitee co-founder) and I could have imagined this; especially considering that we initially created Recruitee as a product to simply cover our own hiring needs. It’s incredible to see what our ‘small project’ has grown into! I

’d love to share some of the experiences leading up to this decision and the background behind it, as it impacts the things we care most about: our team, our product, and of course, our customers.

The Recruitee journey

In 2015, Pawel and I shared Recruitee with the world. Why? Because we realized that we were not the only ones in need of an easy-to-use and flexible hiring tool. And what we created for ourselves could benefit many people and teams looking to improve their hiring.

We reached an important milestone in 2018, becoming one of Europe’s fastest-growing start-ups (SaasMag), with an excellent international team, offices in Amsterdam and Poznan, and over 2,000 customers. The Recruitee success story was under construction. And it was at this point that we decided to become independent, steer our product vision, and explore new development opportunities with our product offering.

By 2020, Recruitee was a force to be reckoned with in the global HR tech space. We ranked 9th in Deloitte’s Fast 50 tech companies, were shortlisted in G2’s Top 100 Best Software Products, grew our team to over 100 employees, and helping 3,500 companies hire in more than 75 countries. Today, we have offices in two continents, Europe and the United States. What a fantastic way to celebrate Recruitee's 5th birthday!

As we entered our next growth phase, we found ourselves looking for new opportunities to shape the future and ways to challenge the HR tech status-quo.

New adventures ahead

That was when we met Sympa and discovered that we had the same goal in mind: creating a leading HR solutions provider. We started to consider, what if we build a stronger future together?

Collaboration meant that our customers would benefit from a combined product offering: a strong talent acquisition platform and a comprehensive core HR platform. It was a victory on many fronts when came to our product development, our teams, and our customers. And with PSG, a market-leading growth equity firm specializing in B2B software as the main backer, we decided that this collaboration would help us realize our product vision for our team and customers.  

We are excited to partner with Recruitee, one of the leading ATS providers to be able to offer a comprehensive suite of products to our customers. We’re thoroughly enjoying working with the teams at Recruitee and PSG and can’t wait to continue this strong partnership on what will be an exciting – not to mention fun – journey.
Keijo Karjalainen
CEO and co-founder of Sympa

And that leads us to today's events and this announcement. It's such an exciting way for us to open a new chapter in the Recruitee story: a partnership ready to transform the future of the HR tech space.

The HR tech space just got bigger

The HR tech space is ever-changing and fast-paced. I hope you are as excited as we are about this announcement and its transformative power. Together with Sympa, we can have a real impact on the future of HR, we can foster innovation, and, ultimately, we can create amazing products and services that will help take HR to the next level.

We are looking forward to working with the team at PSG and Sympa as we enter the next phase of our growth. This collaboration is a shortcut to our vision of providing companies with the best possible HR tools.
Perry Oostdam
CEO and Co-Founder Recruitee

It has been our vision to help companies hire talent faster with tools that empower hiring teams of all sizes. Now that we're working alongside Sympa, we can't wait to show the world what we can do together!Watch this space, we'll be working on a new and exciting HR tech category!

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