Announcing the Recruitee Partnerships Awards 2022

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January 31, 2022
Julien Matsis
recruitee partnership awards
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2021 was an excellent year for us at Recruitee! Our Partnerships programs are among the highlights that made last year one to remember, as we welcomed more than a hundred new partners to the Recruitee ecosystem. 

It is a remarkable thing when you get to experience the right balance between partner interest in your solution, company alignment to prioritize partnerships, and having the right people and technology to orchestrate it all! 

The Recruitee Partnerships Awards 2022

At Recruitee, we love our partners! It’s a collaborative effort to create successful partnerships, and we consider ourselves fortunate to work together with so many innovative companies. The Recruitee Partnerships Awards 2022 are our way of recognizing the exceptional contributions made by our partners throughout 2021.

This year, we celebrate the partners who stand out as industry innovators and collaborators in two categories:

1. The Technology partnerships awards: Partner of the year 2022

2. The Channel partnerships awards: Partner of the year 2022

The awards aim to recognize the tech partners and solution partners who: 

  • Went the extra mile shaping our programs, providing continuous feedback and valuable input to continue innovating. 
  • Have a high number of customer installs and are active participants in our referral program.

As part of each category, we include a Rising Star award to acknowledge up-and-coming partners who show high potential for further collaboration and have seen an increased interest from our customers.

The nominees for each category will be announced between 01st - 04th February and the winners of the Recruitee Partnerships Awards 2022 will be revealed on 14th February. When we say that we love our partners, we really mean it!

The Recruitee Partnerships programs 

The Recruitee Partnerships programs are designed to bring together the broader talent acquisition community of people, products, and companies. We believe that close collaboration is the key to fostering innovation in our industry. That’s why, in 2021, we launched our Tech and Solution Partnerships programs. 

The Tech Partnerships program enables software companies, mainly in the HR Tech space, to integrate with Recruitee. These integrations help our mutual customers make their daily tasks easier and contribute to a better product experience.

Our Solution Partnerships program is for companies who offer a certain level of consulting, training, or expertise in the field of recruitment and want to make Recruitee a part of their service offering. These partners will play a key role in the future of Recruitee as our product offering expands and our growing customer base may want to benefit from additional services tailored to their industry, region, or budget.

We thank all of our partners for their great collaboration! Together, we are shaping the future of our industry. We promise to continue innovating and expanding the Recruitee Partnerships program to new heights.

Interested to know more about our Partnerships programs? You can contact us at

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