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November 26, 2019
November 9, 2021
Perry Oostdam
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We’ve always been a big fan of startups. Supporting customers, handling new feature requests, explaining the product. We love it. Amsterdam – where our sales team is located – is full of great startups. Today we’re happy to announce a partnership with one of the best accelerators in town: Rockstart Accelerator! Together, we’ve launched a new talent portal.


With over 30 startups per year, Rockstart is one of the biggest accelerators in the Netherlands. In Europe, actually. Rockstart, “The Global Startup Machine”, helps startups be more successful in their first 1,000 days through funding and mentorship (Rockstart Accelerator and Rockstart Impact), community and office space (Rockstart Spaces), relevant startup events (Rockstart Answers), and best of all: a great startup atmosphere.

A startup’s need

When startups scale up, they face a couple of issues relating to HR. In the case of Rockstart Accelerator, startups are mentored during their first 1000 days in the program. At the end, a big demo day helps them pitch their concept in front of investors and, hopefully, they can secure funding for growth.

“Recruiting is the core competency of every company. It should never be outsourced.”
Peter Thiel

We couldn’t agree more. We’ve asked ourselves: Why not include recruitment as a recurring topic in the accelerator program? After all, where will most of your funding money go? People, people, and people!

The deal

We’ve offered to help out Rockstart. All startups in the program – both current and alumni – will get free access to Recruitee for six months. In addition, we’ll provide them with hands-on support to think about recruitment before their funding round. We’ll help them source candidates as a team, and make sure they build up a talent pool that will continue to be of value throughout their path to success. Okay, world domination it is!

To capture the vast amount of talented people interested in startups in Amsterdam, we’ve setup a Talent Portal. Applicants can apply to any of the open jobs there, after which Rockstart will put you in touch with startups that are hiring! With this, all the startups in Rockstart can access the same talent pool, collaborate on reviews, and share talents within the network.

Deal offering summarized:

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