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November 26, 2019
November 9, 2021
Perry Oostdam
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Today we’re announcing a seed financing round in Recruitee. The investment opportunity came after being featured on Product Hunt. We’re excited to add a few top-notch entrepreneurs to our advisory board. The funding will be used to expand our development team in Poland, and it will also help to boost our recruitment software’s expansion in the US.

Product Hunt

On Thursday 13 August, we were featured on Product Hunt. After only a few hours of being live, we saw over 2,000 visitors and more than 60 signups to our service. Among those signups were Robert Pijselman and Luc Brandts, co-founders of BWise. Also Aik Deveneijns (former COO of SEOshop) signed up, and he immediately started trying out Recruitee for a few of his clients at LevelUp Ventures. The three were intrigued by our recruitment software, and they sent us an email asking to meet up and discuss a potential collaboration.

What is Recruitee?

Recruitee offers a fast and collaborative hiring platform for startups and fast-growing SMEs. It eases the process from A to Z, including promoting job offers, managing candidates, and keeping track of each stage of the recruitment process. Recruitee focuses on a personal approach, by allowing users to customize their own career sites and job pages according to their employer branding. Examples of users’ career sites include Usabilla (NL), Din (US), and RedStamp (CAN). Although Recruitee has only been on the market for eight months, the recruitment software is now being used by 500+ companies in more than 10 countries.

New Advisors

We’ve seen Robert and Luc in our office at Rockstart Accelerator before. The two hosted a presentation about SaaS sales, and they shared their experience in growing BWise – a governance, risk and compliance management software company acquired by Nasdaq in 2012. Paul and I were impressed by their story. After all, many people can say they had an IPO on Nasdaq, but how many can actually say they sold their business to them? 😉 Aik will actively join our team – making sure our metrics are on track. Both Robert and Luc will join the advisory board.

“We are impressed by the speed of development at Recruitee, and we think this team has what it takes to create a winning recruiting tool.”
Robert Pijselman
“I’ve used many ATS systems and software tools for recruitment before, but Recruitee seems to be a tool that really knows how to help SMEs in their hiring needs.”
Aik Deveneijns

Our Vision

We believe that the world of recruitment is changing. People will change jobs more frequently and selecting and recruiting the right talent will require more resources from existing manager and HR teams. Technology seems to be the backbone of today’s recruitment process. To support the dependence on a professional and efficient recruitment process within the enterprise, HR must continue to advance. HR and recruiters need to move from an email-centric operating model to a service-centric one, where the business immediately and always has full access to all relevant candidate details.

Our Mission

We’re glad to enrich our team with international knowledge on scaling up a SaaS business, and we’ll continue to focus on growing our user base in the US. We’ve seen a steady flow of users coming from the UK and US, and we believe our tool can be of great help to companies that seek a well-designed recruitment software for managing their recruiting efforts. Also, we’ll expand our development team in Poland. We’re on a mission to create the best recruitment software out there. Roger that, Houston!

Would you like to know more about our team or about our mission to create to best recruitment solution ever? Email us and we’ll be happy to share more info with you! Graphics and pictures about our product can be found here. Please find more information about our team here:

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