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November 26, 2019
November 5, 2021
Adrie Smith
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Today we’re able to share some exciting news with our community: Recruitee was featured in Sprout’s Challenger50! Sprout is an online platform that has a honed radar for startups, scale-ups and everything in between. For 13 years now, Sprout editors have been curating an annual list of the most disruptive and innovative companies in the Netherlands. And this year, we made it onto that list!

What earned us a spot on the Challenger50?

Sprout has surely seen countless disruptors, innovators, and start ups challenge their industry and we’re proud to be counted in their numbers. The recruitment and HR tech scene is incredibly competitive and saturated with well-funded tech giants. In just over three years, Recruitee has gone from an underdog to one of the leading forces in this industry. How? Well, there’s no set recipe for success but here are a few of Recruitee’s ingredients…

We listen to our customers and the market.

As a product-focused company, we believe that listening intently to customer feedback is paramount. From the early days, Recruitee embraced solid customer feedback loops in order to consistently deliver features, upgrades, and improvements that spoke to the needs of our community. We also believe in transparency, which is why we made our product roadmap accessible to our customers. The smaller things within customer feedback are also crucial to our approach, like inviting customers who requested a feature to be the first beta testers. This has meant that we have enjoyed hard-earned customer loyalty.

Customers are important, but so is the overall market. Recruitment is an extremely fast-paced industry that is constantly changing. With a commitment to innovation, we not only listen to what customers want, but also spend time thinking about what they will want. Listening to the market and understanding where it’s heading has been crucial to this process and to building scalable success.

We were able to buy out our early investors.

Early in 2018, Recruitee founders made the pivotal decision to buy out their early investors. Independent by nature, Recruitee had outgrown the need for funding and maintaining full-control of the wheel was essential. This was a critical junction in enabling growth that was funding-free and allowing us to navigate a competitive market with independent authority.

We’re committed to innovation in a traditional industry.

Despite it’s fast-paced nature, recruitment and HR is still a very traditional industry. Many HR departments still rely on spreadsheets, time-consuming uploads, and other manual tasks in their hiring processes. Recruitee wants to make it possible for teams to automate manual activities in their recruitment process in order to free up time to connect and get to know their candidates. We intend to lead disruption in the recruitment industry, making innovation accessible to recruiters on a user-friendly interface: Recruitee.

Challenging recruitment

Recruitment and HR tech is an exciting professional scene. And the core function of recruiters, building great teams, is quickly becoming recognized as a major strength, or weakness, in companies that seeking to excel in their industry. By building a talent acquisition platform fit for collaborative hiring and data-driven approaches to hiring, we want to challenge traditional recruitment practices.We excited to be part of Sprout’s Challenger50 and where this will take us in the next year!

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