Product roadmap


Export all Reports (Jobs and Candidates)


With most of the Reports, is it possible to get a csv export of the data. It would be great to have the ability to export all the Reports and overviews.

Unbiased hiring


The ability to hide information (name, picture, gender, and age) when candidates first enter the pipeline and limit the visibility of evaluation forms.

Google for Jobs improvements


Additional fields to improve job ads visibility in Google for Jobs, such as base salary & street added to location.

In progress

Department placeholder

in progress

The option to add an email template placeholder for different departments.

GDPR Consent requests & Automations

in progress

To manage GDPR compliance with less manual tasks, we’re adding a GDPR consent request feature with filter options based on a candidate’s consent status. You’ll also find new automations to collect consent from candidates before they expire and remove expired candidates.

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