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Under Review

Hide Teamnotes

under review

My problem: I leave private (team)notes at the candidates profile. When I open up a candidate, these notes show up per default which is a problem when showing canditades through the tool to my colleagues. I'd wish the team notes to be hidden per default and only be shown, when actively expanding it.

Respect Google rate limit when sending emails

under review

Sometimes we'll source 50-100 candidates and then send outreach to all of them via Recruitee by moving them to a certain job stage with an associated email action. About: - 50% of emails send successfully - 40% of emails fail to send due to Google rate limiting issues - 10% of emails fail at first then seem to succeed on automatic re-send It'd be nice if Recruitee took Google's sending rate limits into account when sending these emails, so that close to 100% send successfully. I don't mind if it takes a few extra minutes to send the emails.

Map bug

under review

There's a gray bar above the map (see the screenshot attached). It's possible to move the map around and cover it up, but it goes back to how it is in the screenshot.

Pasting HTML text from different apps in job editor doesn't work properly

under review

Users are complaining that pasting HTML text from different apps doesn't work properly. We already know that it happens because we are limiting HTML tags that can be inserted to our editor, due to safety reasons. But customers are complaining and mentioned that it is time consuming to edit the job manually

Sourcing extension erases all the filled out information when changing roles

under review

When I change the job I'd like to source the candidate for, the information I put in gets deleted, like the name, email, notes.


Adjustment ''date'' based on action


'"Date'' is now based upon date the profile was made. We need a split so we can calculate every stage/fase. A profile made date is not good enough to check the 'time to fill' of 'time in every stage' In reporting we need date of hired, date of pre screening, date of start etc. Only date profile is made is not sufficient.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs


When publishing a premium campaign through Recruitee to Indeed, make this job visible in the Indeed account as well, so that the analytics can be used. At the moment, the campaign will not be visible in the Indeed account.



Integration of Online Assessment Tool to send tests to candidates within Recuitee candidate detail page. The candidate detail page should also display status and results of candidate.



HackerRank has an API and are already integrated into many different ATS platforms: We would like to send candidate HackerRank tests through Recruitee and (much more importantly) view the results of a candidate's HackerRank test within Recruitee. That could be the score they got (out of the maximum score) with a link to the HackerRank URL with the full detailed report.

Apply with Xing


In progress

Change the order of department and location on CS

in progress

Ability to change the order of location on the career site.

Video file size prompt

in progress

Show an information prompt, when the file size of the video sent by candidates exceeds limits.


in progress New integration pushing candidate data to the partner.

Application form - Screening questions (add a file)

in progress

Max size is 50MB, candidates applying with a bigger file will see a 502 error but not be informed that the file is too big to submit their application. Pop-up message should be displayed

Ability to change whether links added in navigation menu on CS will be opened in same or new tab

in progress

Specifically links added as part of the header section, when setting up a navigation menu with links to page sections and external websites.

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