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December 16, 2020
March 23, 2022
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Beth Hudson
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It’s now possible to have as many ATS users as you need collaborating on one platform! You know that team recruitment is beneficial. In fact, you should (at minimum) have seven hiring roles participating in the process. But does it matter if your entire team can use your recruitment software?

Yes. Yes, it does.

Collaborative hiring encompasses more than just the HR professionals when it comes to selecting, interviewing, and making your next hires. So why would you only allow the HR department to access your ATS? With unlimited ATS users comes great benefits.

6 benefits of multiple ATS users

Here are a few for you to ponder on:

1. Increases speed of hire

Time to hire is a crucial metric that determines how quickly you are reaping the benefits of your hiring process. With multiple ATS users working toward the same goal, this will speed up the tasks at hand! Also, it’s easier to delegate tasks to all of your ATS users because they are using the same software. With the right platform, you can evaluate and interview candidates together. Spreading these tasks across relevant departments will not only speed up your hiring process but make it more streamlined and effective.

2. Boosts team morale

If your ATS users are only comprised of the direct hiring team, it leaves team members out. How are they supposed to contribute if they don’t have access to the pipeline? You may have other options, but if they are given less opportunity to contribute, they will likely not collaborate as often.

Team morale affects everything from turnover rate to employer branding. Keeping everyone on the same page keeps an air of autonomy in the company. You want the whole team to have a say in who is hired, so let them! In some cases, you may not want the entire company to see certain information, such as salaries, interview notes, etc. For this reason, an ATS like Recruitee allows you to edit hiring roles and access permissions within the system.

3. Increases employee referrals

Referrals are a great way to find quality candidates. Some even say they are the best way. However, employee referrals are often an untapped talent source. This happens when it isn’t easy for current employees to recommend someone for hire! Humans are creatures of habit. If something takes a large amount of effort with little to no benefit for them, they will likely not partake.

But you can change this. Adding your entire team as ATS users allow them to quickly add referrals into the system. They can add tags to keep tabs on their referrals. With Recruitee, you can track user productivity. Therefore, you can reward the top contributors!

4. Boosts internal hires

With your ATS users all in the same system, you can track their activity, as mentioned above. This way, you can see who is dedicated to creating a better company environment (and who falls short). Talent acquisition software should have the ability for the admins to set hiring roles for every ATS user.

With this capability, you can keep current employees in talent pools. They won’t see their data or the data of other employees. But you can keep them in mind when looking to fill a new role! Advancement is a top priority for potential candidates when looking for a job. However, if you don’t follow up with this claim, employee satisfaction will be on the decline.

5. Organizes the process

Moving hiring tasks and files from paper to one uniform platform is ideal. This way, ATS users have access to everything going on. If you need to keep something private (such as interview notes), refer to adding hiring roles mentioned above. However, keeping everyone in the loop allows for a more organized workflow.

Project management software is an example of software that needs to be crisp, clean, and collaborative in order to do its job. How is recruitment software any different? A platform that allows for all the ATS users you need will keep you organized and prevent lost candidate files, GDPR noncompliance, and having to email the same calendar invite for an interview twelve times.

6. Closer culture fit hires

This one is simple. You’re hiring for your whole team. So your ATS users should comprise of your whole team. This will allow everyone to weigh in on a potential hire. Don’t leave it up to one or two HR personnel to represent the entire company culture. While they likely are on board with everything they need to know about the company environment and values, everyone will have different opinions!

Too many cooks in the kitchen can be a bad thing, but if it is in an organized environment using a rating and ranking system, it can only help. Get all of the ATS users involved in evaluating candidates. Further, allow them to add to your employer branding! A solid ATS will provide a careers site editor. Use this opportunity to add employee testimonials! Your future hires will be better for it.

Negative effects of non-collaborative software

Now you’ve seen how unlimited ATS users can benefit your hiring process greatly. To recap, here are some risks you will be taking if you have a non-collaborative talent acquisition system:

  • Data silos
  • Lost files
  • Higher turnover
  • Lower employee satisfaction
  • Less camaraderie
  • Unnecessary phone and email tag
  • Less possibility for internal advancement
  • Fewer employee referrals
  • Slower, more jumbled hiring workflow

Your ATS users will dictate the efficacy of your hiring process. Get everyone in the team involved in the creation of your future team!

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