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Teams grow best when hiring happens in collaboration. Empower your
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Beautiful Careers Sites and job pages

Attract the right candidates with your employer brand. The Careers Site editor keeps everything mobile-optimized and integrated with your own website. Any team member can style and maintain a perfectly employer branded Careers Site.

Save money on job ads

Save money on your job ads. Make use of 20+ free job boards, 400+ premium job boards with discounts up to 30%, and efficient social media campaigns in Recruitee. Choose where to reach the candidates you need at the price you want.

Scout like the best headhunter

Import passive candidates from any websites - GitHub, Dribbble, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Facebook, and more. All you need is the Recruitee's sourcing extension. Let your team's experts find the next experts for your team.

All information in one place

Kill the email and meeting chaos. Recruitee has all candidates, all data, and all to-do's in one place. Every team member is now on the same page and up-to-date.

Get the best ROI

Make data-driven decisions on your hiring. Learn which sources have the best candidates, how well your Careers Site converts, and how your team can save more time. Let's get results together.

Recruitment on the go

Real-time updates and 24/7 connectivity with candidates. An unfair advantage to close the top talent before anyone else.

Stay in touch with your candidates and recruiting team 24/7.
Receive push notifications of the candidates and job openings you follow. Take action no matter where you are.
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Have the entire candidate database with you and access it from everywhere.
Email, rating, and more - all features you need from the Recruitee web app to work on candidates.
Tiqets 5563a4810138615da301b9e37f121d80992fd8eb4d827e966dc336f43c88c4c3
Recruitee powers our team to be the fastest-growing startup in the Netherlands.
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Stephanie de Booij Tiqets
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The speed of development and customer support is amazing. We can expect a lot from these guys.
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Jackye Clayton Recruiting Tools
Hotjar 223b20d8921c34f7258ac54a503b9838e1c491e4b30602b53debb9be12a38944
We’re crazy and obsessed with our hiring process, and Recruitee caters exactly to what we need - optimizing the shortest way to the best candidates.
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David Darmanin CEO of Hotjar
Isentia@2x e89f498dc0df044d24203ddce08ff91eaaf66813d702b7db94bd7661adc5502e
Recruitee is the hiring platform that we can use with ease, that we are very proud of, that matches our personality and who we are as a company. It’s great!
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Belinda Armstrong Isentia
Greenpeace 91ce2f3112227bd64fbbbf48ead28e2bfa5d9ab50aa2be9385e719ae50d3e64a
Eight great hires and counting! Recruitee has streamlined our process. The tool is easy to implement, a dream to use and the support is fantastic. Highly recommended.
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Stefan Ferreira Greenpeace
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