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Easily manage your jobs, candidates, and hiring team

  • Drag and drop candidates as they move along the pipeline stages to always keep your jobs updated
  • Use filters and tags for easy candidate searches, no matter how small the screen
  • Login with password, SSO, or Google to keep your data safe and secure
  • Safely oversee your hiring team with the same roles and access as the web app

Reduce your time-to-hire

  • Manage your daily tasks, events, and evaluations so no candidate or job goes unattended
  • Share open jobs with your team or agency to get the position filled quickly
  • Review candidates from anywhere with quick evaluations

Keep in touch with your candidates and team 24/7

  • Schedule one-click interviews to reach top talent quickly
  • Create emails via templates and schedule them to be sent at any time
  • Never miss a comment or task with real-time updates
  • View job profiles and talent pools so you never miss out on great candidates

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