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Manage locations (aka Multiple locations per job)

under consideration

Linkedin premium jobs posting

under consideration

The Job Posting API allows members to automatically post jobs to LinkedIn from their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), instead of manually posting via their LinkedIn Recruiter account. This API is typically utilized by Recruiter clients who are currently using a job distribution tool. It allows them to post a job to various sites at one time, including LinkedIn. ATS partners no longer need login or password information to post on behalf of clients.

Date profile field in Candidate profile, questionnaires and screening questions

under consideration

To be able to add "Date" type profile field to candidate profile and also to be able to filter by that. Same field could be added to questionnaires and screening questions.

Job status of all jobs at given time

under consideration

Currently we can only see what the job status are at the present. But I would like to draw up a report of the statusses in the past'. For example, how many jobs had the status published on 01-01-2021?

Report filtering enhancements

under consideration

In development

Mark candidate as hired

in development

The option to mark candidates as hired and limit access to their profiles. This will be available together with new features for hired candidates management.

Unbiased hiring

in development

Features that help in making objective decisions without being biased by: 1. Evaluations of other team members (Fair Evaluations feature) 2. Profile details (hiding candidate name, picture, gender and age)

Requisition approvals (previously: Job approvals)

in development

👉 Requisition approvals (currently in progress 🚧) To have an approval flow where you can consult and confirm all the essential details for a new position you're planning to open. Include all this information in job offers, so they can be published in effective, yet structured and controllable way. 👉 Job approvals (it's a different phase in the hiring process and will be handled separately) Have an approval flow where certain users can approve new jobs within the platform before they get published.

Allow to add breaks/buffer between events in scheduler

in development

Application form - Screening questions (add a file)

in development

Max size is 50MB, candidates applying with a bigger file will see a 502 error but not be informed that the file is too big to submit their application. Pop-up message should be displayed

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