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Under review

Question re-ordering does not work when questions are copied

under review

To reproduce: 1. Create a new evaluation form. 2. Create a new one line question, and enter some example text, e.g. "One". 3. COPY the question. 4. Change the copied question's text, e.g. to "Two". 5. COPY the second question. 6. Change the copied question's text, e.g. to "Three". 7. Click the MOVE UP button on the third question. 8. Observe that the second question animates but the order of questions does not change.

Default Zoom event host

under review

When scheduling Zoom events, I wish that the Zoom event host would be automatically selected by whichever interviewer. If there are multiple, we have the option to change, but when there's only one person, it's kind of bothersome to select the person again for the host.


under review This background check vendor keeps coming up with our customers in Canada. - Trusted by 2,800 companies - Built for the best candidate and recruiter experience. Reduce your time to hire by 80% and get results in minutes.


under review It's an HRIS that addresses the needs, workflows, and pain points experienced by fast-growing companies and large enterprises concerning their ATS.

Create multiple job details page template

under review

Customer would like to create multiple templates that can be used for different pages as they work with multiple companies, and all of them have their own page.


Remove profile picture


Ability to remove profile picture, without uploading a new onw.

Sourcing extension erases all the filled out information when changing roles


When I change the job I'd like to source the candidate for, the information I put in gets deleted, like the name, email, notes.

Linkedin Premium Job Slots integration


The Job Posting API allows members to automatically post jobs to LinkedIn from their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), instead of manually posting via their LinkedIn Recruiter account. This API is typically utilized by Recruiter clients who are currently using a job distribution tool. It allows them to post a job to various sites at one time, including LinkedIn. ATS partners no longer need login or password information to post on behalf of clients.


planned Canadian job board, popular in the Province of Quebec.

Adjustment ''date'' based on action


'"Date'' is now based upon date the profile was made. We need a split so we can calculate every stage/fase. A profile made date is not good enough to check the 'time to fill' of 'time in every stage' In reporting we need date of hired, date of pre screening, date of start etc. Only date profile is made is not sufficient.

In progress

Score (HTML) Integration - e.g. Kununu (German market)

in progress

Ability to integrate a short HTML Widget via Text/Box on the careers page 2.0 Outdated:

Allow to change size of description box in Social Media Tab of a job

in progress

Currently the text limit is 200 characters, the text field only displays one line at a time. Would be great to be able to see the whole text at once (drag text field to make it bigger maybe).


in progress

We need that the endpoint to be able to filter and see the candidates by the "updated_at" field, where this field is the last time the candidate's data were modified, and not activity of the candidate, for example wen we change the telephone number, the name, etc. Another option is that the two update dates are returned in the json, the activity date and the data change date. Thanks

Career Site Beta Stage

in progress

Ability to edit and preview career site in beta mode without making permanent changes

Cancel subscription - notification

in progress

Customer is asking if they could have a notification which mentions that they have cancel their subscription. This will serve as a proof of cancellation.

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