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May 20, 2022
December 14, 2022
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recruitment and hr experts to follow on linkedin
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The last few years have changed the way we work. Those in HR and recruitment have felt first-hand the impact of the change brought about by this new way of working. A national labor shortage and the Great Resignation has brought about a competitive, candidate-driven landscape in the recruitment world.

Those in the HR space have to work hard to attract and keep great talent. These challenges don’t have to be faced alone. 

Luckily, there are a myriad of experts out there who enjoy giving their best advice! Making sure your feed has a variety of different voices across the industry can help you to gain a well-rounded view of the current industry best practices. 

We’ve compiled a list of these experts in this blog for you to check out.

DE&I experts: 

1. Madison Butler

Madison Butler linkedin post

Madison is a Black, queer woman, and she is also a survivor. She has been recognised by Linkedin as a top Black voice to follow. 

In her work and on LinkedIn, she is an outspoken advocate for mental health, removing the stigma around trauma and advocates for being “human at work’. She is passionate about facilitating hard conversations through storytelling, data and tough empathy. 

She is looked upon as an expert in her field and is passionate about using her platform to have the hard conversations. Madison is committed to deconstructing the status quo and rebuilding corporate America, one organization at a time.

Her mission is to ensure that no one ever feels like spaces were not made for them because we all deserve to live out loud. 

Talks about: DE&I, LGBTQ, and Black Lives Matter 

About: Founder and CEO of Blue Haired Unicorn

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bluehairedunicorn/ 

2. Katrina Kibben

Katrina Kibben Linkedin post

Katrina (Kat) Kibben [they/them] is a keynote speaker, writing expert, and LGBTQIA+ advocate who teaches hiring teams how to write inclusive, unbiased job postings that attract exceptional talent.

With 15+ years of recruitment marketing and training experience, Katrina knows how to turn talented recruiting teams into empathetic, confident writers. 

They’re a featured expert in publications like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes and have been named to numerous lists, including LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Job Search & Careers. When not speaking, writing, or training, you’ll find Katrina traveling the country in their van.

Talks about: Job posting, pronouns, and allyship

About: CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinakibben/  

3. Joanne Lockwood 

Joanne Lockwood Linkedin Post

Joanne is an Inclusion and Belonging specialist and speaker. She works with organizations throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond, challenging corporate mentality, and providing a service that goes far beyond “just” Diversity & Inclusion. She lives by the mantra: “Smile, Engage and Educate”. 

Joanne believes that people are people, whatever their ethnicity, gender, and abilities, deserving to be treated with dignity and respect to work well and thrive. Her posts often promote transgender awareness and support, as well as LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies. 

About: Founder, and CEO at SEE Change Happen

Talks about: Culture, empathy, belonging, diversity, and inclusion

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jolockwood/ 

Sourcing experts:

4. Alla Pavlova 

Alla Pavlova LinkedIn post

Alla Pavlova is a Tech Recruiter and Sourcer based in Amsterdam. She’s been building tech teams since 2008. She’s been a part of Miro, GameHouse, Viber, Dott, My.Games, Blendle, Relive, and other great companies’ journeys. She’s currently scaling Riot Games Hong Kong & Singapore studio.

Alla leads a Slack Platform Community in Amsterdam and conducts weekly free WAN-parties for Tech Sourcers. Alla loves creating and testing sourcing tools, pair-sourcing with other sourcers, programming on Scratch, or playing computer games. 

Talks about: Sourcing tips and tricks and free sourcing parties!

About: Talent Sourcing & Recruitment, WAN-party mentor, Riot Games 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allapavlova/ 

5. Vanessa Raath

Vanessa Raath LinkedIn Post

Vanessa Raath is passionate about training recruiters and sourcers to find the best talent, more effectively and efficiently than their competitors.

She has trained a large number of recruitment agencies, as well as many internal Talent Acquisition Teams, in all parts of the world. Some of her clients include Twitter, Adobe, and Eventbrite, to name a few. 

Vanessa also still actively works as a Freelance Global Talent Sourcer. She knows that by staying active and operational in this space, she is better equipped to train others to source candidates better.

Her specialty lies in the Tech space as this is where her experience, and passion, lie. Currently, Vanessa is the Head Cheerleader, or Owner, of The Talent Hunter.

When she is not training Recruiters to source, or sourcing herself, you will probably find her delivering a keynote presentation on a stage near you.

Talks about: Sourcing, tech talent, diversity sourcing, talent acquisition 

About: Head Cheerleader at the Talent Hunter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessaraath/ 

6. Brian Fink

Brian Fink LinkedIn Post

Brian Fink is currently a Senior Sourcing Technical Recruiter for Twitter. With 10+ years of specialized recruiting experience, he has helped a wide range of professionals ranging from entry-level candidates (new grads) to C-Suite executives take the next step up in their careers and stretch their professional capabilities.

Brian specializes in recruitment tooling, building boolean strings, natural language search, and raw sourcing. He believes and advocates that you are never done learning, regardless of where you are in your career.

Talks about: Hiring, leadership, recruiting, resume tips, and recruiting tips

About: Senior Technical Recruiter at Twitter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianfink/ 

Collaborative hiring expert: 

7. Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier LinkedIn Post

Katrina Collier is on a mission to end the collaboration chaos that ruins recruitment and candidate experience; exacerbated by hybrid working. She is one of 2 people globally delivering design-thinking workshops specifically for recruitment, that swiftly help companies fix the real issues preventing successful talent acquisition. 

She is also a Mentor, Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, a global keynote speaker, and host of The Hiring Partner Perspective podcast. Katrina is an Ambassador for Hope for Justice charity. 

Talks about: HR, recruitment, talent acquisition, and candidate proof experience

About: Author, Facilitator & Speaker at Katrina Collier Limited

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinacollier/ 

HR Tech experts: 

8. Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla LinkedIn Post

Phil is the founder of SSR, a site dedicated to helping HR Teams find and buy the right software through free online guides.

He is an entrepreneur who aims to help people in recruiting, HR, hiring, and people team positions through knowledge sharing.

His posts are helpful in learning about the latest HR tech and trends, and regularly uploads video-based tips!

Talks about: HR, saas, HR hiring, HR tech

About: Founder of SelectSoftware Reviews

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philstrazzulla/ 

9. Anastasia Pshegodskaya

Anastasia Pshegodskaya LinkedIn post

Anastasia is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Remote, one of the most fast-paced unicorn companies. In one year alone her team has hired 750+ team members and she’s always willing to share their story and global hiring best practices with the community. 

Anastasia always said that a well-developed technology becomes magic in real life. She is extremely passionate about people, and the changes and impact brought by technologies for them - it drives her recruiting career and life. Anastasia’s previous experience is focused heavily on recruiting for big Tech industry players.

Prior to Remote she built from scratch and led the Global Sourcing at GitLab and before that she was driving various recruiting initiatives at Uber, Dell, and a local data science start-up. All her free time is devoted to her family and traveling, and she is still in search of an ideal mix of these 2 hobbies.

Talks about: Remote work and talent acquisition

About: Director, Talent Acquisition at Remote

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pshegodskaya/ 

10. Anita Lettink

Anita Lettink Linkedin post

Anita has spent more than 20 years of her career in global consulting, corporate, and executive leadership roles. She has in-depth knowledge of the HCM and Payroll Ecosystem and is recognized as a Top25 Global Thought Leader on the Future of Work. 

Anita brings insights and perspectives about the changing world of work to companies, investors, and startups worldwide. She is the founder of hrtechradar.com, where she helps young companies that are innovating the HR industry reach their full potential, and supports clients and investors with investment decisions.

Talks about: Web3, HR tech, payroll, future of work, and human resources

About: Speaker, Advisor at HRTechRadar

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anitalettink/ 

11. Amy Smith

Amy Smith's LinkedIn profile

Amy has been working in recruitment and talent related roles within the visual effects industry across both the UK and Canada for many years. In each role she has additionally had responsibility for working with schools, colleges and universities to provide careers guidance and support educators with content.

She is a non-executive Director of Access:VFX, an industry organisation working to improve the diversity of the visual effects industry.

She is also part of the steering group of the Next Gen Skills Academy who, with industry, have launched industry specific qualifications and developed a formal programme of VFX apprenticeships.

Recently Amy has been working with the UK government, advising on the post-16 education landscape.

Talks about: Creative careers, tech, and education

About: Head of Talent at Framestore

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amysmithatframestore/ 

Future of work expert: 

12. Adam Smiley Poswolsky

Adam Smiley Poswolsky LinkedIn post

Adam is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, workplace belonging expert, and bestselling author of three books including most recently, Friendship in the Age of Loneliness.

Smiley regularly speaks at Fortune 500 companies and has advised heads of state and foreign leaders about the future of work. 

Smiley’s TED talk on “the quarter-life crisis” has been viewed over 1.7 million times, and he has spoken in front of fifty thousand people in twenty-five countries.

Smiley’s writing has been published in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and the Washington Post, and his work has been featured in the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Wall St. Journal, and the World Economic Forum.

Talks about: Belonging, friendship, employee engagement, hybrid workplaces, and inclusion

About: Keynote speaker and author 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamsposwolsky/ 


There are a lot of great voices on LinkedIn, sharing their opinions and advice on just about any topic. Following this list of top experts will help you to learn how to future-proof your hiring in many different ways: from DE&I initiatives to picking the best HR tech to assist you! 

If you’ve finished this blog, and would love the opportunity to learn more from these experts - you’re in luck!

All of the experts mentioned in this blog were part of TGTHR - the new, online HR event supported by Recruitee! While TGTHR may have passed, the opportunity to watch the event has not. Check out our TGTHR on-demand webinar sessions.

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