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February 28, 2022
May 20, 2022
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Adrie Smith
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When you think you’ve learned all you can about recruitment and its tenets, it’s time to learn some more! There are so many intricacies and strategies when it comes to recruitment and its subcategories, that you are bound to learn something new. If you think you can’t teach an old dog/recruiter new tricks, then the following Facebook groups for recruiters just may change your mind!

Keep in mind a few things when perusing these groups and clicking the “+Join” button:

  • Groups of substance are included: large, small, and in-between;
  • Therefore, some groups are omitted from the list for unhelpful content (i.e. spam);
  • They are lumped into categories for ease of use;
  • There are groups popping up here and there, so if you see a new one or find one we missed, be sure to comment and let us know;
  • The header images are updated at the time of posting;
  • Likewise, the rules and regulations of each group may change;
  • Always check the group “About” section to see if the admins have updated anything;
  • Be sure to carefully review the questions asked before joining (if applicable);
  • And, most importantly, engage and have fun in these Facebook groups for recruiters!

1- Talent Acquisition Innovators

facebook groups for recruiters

Ah, the Talent Acquisition Innovators. This group is near and dear to our hearts because we started it within Recruitee! However, keep in mind that it is not only for our users. The #TAinnovators Facebook group for recruiters, along with the live Twitter chat, is a well-established Talent Acquisition community.

With exclusive content like webinars, in-person events, videos, articles, eBooks, and more, this group intends to add as much value and innovative content to the HR community as possible.

Purpose: to bring together Talent Acquisition professionals and spread knowledge of recruitment tips, tricks, trends, etc. in a new and exciting way

Admin(s): Monica Ciovică, Perry Oostdam, Simran Singh, Luisa Spardel

Things to note:

  • Participation is encouraged, just don’t spam or self-promote with no value;
  • You must answer the questions in order to be considered;
  • Watch out for “Announcements” as this group is growing and developing new ideas constantly.

2- Secret Sourcing Group

facebook groups for recruiters

It isn’t a secret: this Facebook group for recruiters is well-liked and spoken about in the HR community.

Purpose: for recruiters and sourcers to share and learn

Admin(s): Hubert Janowski, William Tincup, RecruitingBlogs (page), Noel Cocca, Ryan Leary

Things to note:

  • This is not a sales group, so no job postings are allowed;
  • Anything slightly self-promotional will get you deleted and/or blocked.

3- Berlin Talent Acquisition Lab

facebook groups for recruiters

Although this is mainly a Facebook group for recruiters based in Berlin, it is a tight-knit community that welcomes knowledgeable recruitment members with open arms. Looking to learn something about talent acquisition, but you don’t know where you’ll fit in? This is the group for you.

Purpose: for Berlin Talent Acquisition pros to share tips, tricks, and useful stuff – everything from the heads-up on Meetups to Sourcing tools!

Admin(s): Joseph De Garr Wilkinson, Matze Schmeißer

Things to note:

  • Berlin-based groups for TA pros are available and boosted here;
  • However, they are a welcoming, small bunch;
  • Don’t spam, and take in the few posts of substance that do occur;
  • Your feed won’t be overloaded with spam from this group!

4- The Sourcing Method

facebook groups for recruiters

The Sourcing Method is one of those Facebook groups for recruiters that you’ve probably heard of. And if you haven’t, you should have! With a little over 800 members at the time of writing this, The Sourcing Method is selective about its members, who are sourcing professionals that post witty and useful content on the daily. Why not join them?

Purpose: to teach, learn, and discuss talent identification and engagement

Admin(s): Shally Steckerl, Ed Bales, David Nicola, Michael L. Crouse, Courtney Stover, Bob Collins

Things to note:

  • This is a great place to ask for recommendations;
  • Search through the group posts to see if your question has been asked before;
  • And look out for posts by Shally Steckerl, the admin (trust us)!

5- Proactive Talent Acquisition Bench Building: Sourcing Strategy

facebook groups for recruiters

Talent acquisition is best served proactively rather than reactively. That’s what this group is all about! Clocking in at just over 500 members at the time of this article, this group has a curated feed of sourcing questions, answers, and information.

Purpose: to share ideas and strategies to build pools and benches of talent before needs arise

Admin(s): Ninh Tran, Mike Rasmussen

Things to note:

  • This is also a welcoming group with little to no spam;
  • The admins and members are knowledgeable;
  • So feel free to post your questions here or hang back and learn something (or is that too reactive?)!

6- Talent Acquisition Evolution

facebook groups for recruiters

This is one of the Facebook groups for recruiters that is small, but it is mighty. This group appears to have in-person meetings, but its overall theme is expanding knowledge of talent acquisition and how it is evolving over the years. Even if you don’t live in or near Cincinnati, the group is open to new members and ideas, as long as they are relevant.

Purpose: to inform all about talent acquisition and recruiting, reviewing best practices, process and procedures, new tools, and technology.

Admin(s): Lean Effective Talent Strategies

Things to note:

  • The group is run by Lean Effective Talent Strategies, a business located in Cincinnati, OH in the United States;
  • However, they are welcoming of new members from any location;
  • Just remember to keep content spam-free and learn from the small group of talent acquisition professionals.

7- Sourcers Unleashed

facebook groups for recruiters

A familiar name in the HR community, Maureen Sharib, admins this Facebook group. Maureen makes her contact information known, which adds to the close-knit feel of this community. Sourcers Unleashed is the place online where recruiters, sourcers, and all the random cliques within HR have come to tell their secrets (and things that are not-so-secret) since 2005.

Purpose: a hangout for sourcers in the recruiting business to learn how to source and how to be human

Admin(s): Maureen Sharib

Things to note:

  • Don’t be afraid to engage and keep Maureen’s contact information;
  • And there’s a sister Facebook group for overcoming the fear telephone and communication fear. It’s called Stop The Fear, and you’re welcome to join!

8- Boolean Strings, the Internet Sourcing Community

With over three thousand members and roughly forty posts per month on the page, you’ll get some insight on sourcing in this Facebook group. Boolean searches, if you’re unaware, are ways to search for data using symbolic logic in search engines. Here, you can share your knowledge of sourcing and/or learn from others.

Purpose: to share Boolean Strings to find data-rich sites, resumes, profiles, contacts, lists, etc.

Admin(s): Irina Shamaeva, David Galley

Things to note:

  • This group is run by Sourcing Certifications;
  • So don’t be turned off by the grainy Facebook group header (which isn’t posted here for that reason)!

9- Sourcers Who Code

facebook groups for recruiters

The name of this FB group is quite self-explanatory. Whether you know how to code already or are willing to learn an innovative way to source through coding, this is the group for you. Ohsusannamarie is the main administrator and creator of the group. You may recognize her from other HR places around the internet!

Purpose: to improve recruitment processes by strengthening the ability to talk both Talent & Tech − a tremendous value-add!

Admin(s): Susanna Frazier, Andre B., Greg Hawkes, David Galley, Mark Lundgren, Tom Ordonez, Aaron Lintz, Michael L. Crouse, David Manaster, Jan Tegze, Mark Tortorici, Glenn Gutmacher, Sarah E. Goldberg

Things to note:

  • If you don’t already know how to code, don’t worry. That’s the point!

10- Recruiters Online

facebook groups for recruiters

If this is not the most famous of the Facebook groups for recruiters, it is, by far, the most infamous. The Recruiting Animal, Michael Kelemen, is someone that you will become very familiar with if you choose to join the club. He runs the group, as well as his own podcast, all the while keeping his opinions at the forefront. However, it’s not a bad thing! That’s why he’s on our list of HR leaders for 2019 (and beyond).

Purpose: a non-promotional space to share articles and opinions surrounding the recruitment community

Admin(s): Michael Kelemen, Chaim Yuk, Jason Davis

Things to note:

  • Take everything with a grain of salt;
  • Don’t keep your opinions to yourself;
  • But be prepared to have some banter back and forth;
  • And make some lasting recruitment connections.

11- ERE

facebook groups for recruiters

ERE media is a top-notch source for recruitment information, whether that be on their blog, at real-life events, or in the Facebook group linked above! This is a group where you will find the top trending stories in recruitment. And these will likely come with intelligent commentary, to boot.

Purpose: a place for the recruiting and talent acquisition community to share thoughts, ideas, or even random but interesting topics.

Admin(s): Ann Wilkerson, Joshua Jones, ERE.net, Vu Thai, Brent Baker, Todd Raphael

Things to note:

  • Make sure to check out their articles and share them, as well;
  • This group is very selective with posts, so keep self-promotion to a minimum.

12- Recruiting Leaders

facebook groups for recruiters

Pushing three thousand members as I write this, Recruiting Leaders has shot up in popularity. This is due to their open, honest, yet clean-cut approach to a recruitment Facebook group. The leaders of the group are young professionals who frequent events and post videos about them to the group.

Purpose: to challenge recruiters and sourcers and to provide cutting-edge tactics and strategies

Admin(s): Chris Comrie, Kameron Kales

Things to note:

  • Keep an eye out for videos from the admins;
  • Comment freely;
  • And know that this is a place that is welcoming if you share insightful information to the group.

13- Growth Hacking Recruiters

facebook groups for recruiters

A growth mindset in recruitment is crucial. Tris Revill created this group to help the HR community learn how to adopt a growth mindset! He and the group are thriving, so expect to see thought-provoking posts.

Purpose: to share tips and tricks that help hit hiring and growth targets.

Admin(s): Tris Revill, Sofia Broberger, Jan Tegze, Daniel Myatt, Vanessa Raath

Things to note:

  • Keep an eye out for special videos from Tris from time to time!
  • He will also ask the group for recommendations.

14- #trumunity

facebook groups for recruiters

There are a few Facebook groups for recruiters out there that coincide with recruitment events. #trumunity is one of them. However, you only have to be interested in recruitment to join the group and chat about it! It’s called the recruitment “un-conference” because it’s a bit nontraditional, and we like it that way.

Purpose: for those who participate in #tru (the recruiting unconference) around the world, or who want to make recruiting better.

Admin(s): Billy McDiarmid, Stephen O’Donnell, Bill Boorman

Things to note:

  • You don’t have to participate in #tru events to join the group!

15- Recruiters Who Actually Make Placements

facebook groups for recruiters

As the name suggests, this group is for the serious recruiters. However, if you’re making low-quality placements, that doesn’t count! The admin, Jerry Albright, is an alright, all bright guy (see what we did there?) who has been around the block a few times in the recruitment arena.

Purpose: a “discussion”-based group to talk about the ins/outs of recruiting

Admin(s): Jerry Albright

Things to note:

  • This is not a place for ads of any kind, or you will be called out!

16- Recruiters

facebook groups for recruiters

Although it isn’t full of spam, this is one of the Facebook groups for recruiters that is a bit more lenient with what can be shared. You may see posts that members have shared to multiple groups, but there is always some substance to be had. The feel of this group is of seasoned recruiters joining together to share articles about recruitment over a cup of joe.

Purpose: to showcase the latest tools, discuss trends, network, news, jobs and information as it pertains to staffing/recruiting.

Admin(s): Ed Han, Bill Boorman, Michael Glenn

Things to note:

  • You may be able to get by with cross-posting in this group and others, but it’s not the best practice;
  • Make real connections with recruiters here.

17- The SocialTalent Community

facebook groups for recruiters

Another Facebook group that’s influenced by a service, The SocialTalent Community is, well, a community to be social and learn how to source talent. It may have the company’s logo in the header, but it is really a place to share and learn recruitment tips and tricks. In the About section, it says “this page is by the ninjas for the ninjas!”, but we like to think that they just haven’t updated that yet. SocialTalent is a culmination of online learning programs for people that work with people, and this group extends that.

Purpose: to give you a space where you can meet other awesome people who want to work smarter, live happier, ask questions, share your thoughts, and help us grow the community into the best place for people to find all they need to know about recruitment

Admin(s): Shifu Annalena Morris, SocialTalent

Things to note:

  • You don’t need to be a SocialTalent user to join and participate in the group.

18- Virtual Recruiters Worldwide

facebook groups for recruiters

This Facebook group for recruiters isn’t location-specific (unless, of course, you don’t live on this planet). Therefore, if you are a remote recruiter, this may be an ideal group for you! If you don’t recruit remotely, there is still much to be learned. You will find some job postings here and there in the discussion, but the content shared here is mostly educational to the recruitment community.

Purpose: to exchange ideas with virtual recruiters around the world

Admin(s): Mariel Castellanos

Things to note:

  • You don’t have to be a virtual recruiter to join;
  • But you can find global job postings here, as well as tips and tricks for recruitment.

19- Recruitment Evolution

facebook groups for recruiters

One of the more opinionated Facebook groups for recruiters would have to be Recruitment Evolution. The admin tends to focus on posts by themself and a select few other members. However, it is educational and fun to sit back and see what is posted and what debates ensue. It offers a different perspective to recruitment that you may not have seen elsewhere.

Purpose: to bring together the “who is who” in recruitment and talk about emerging tools and tricks in the recruitment industry as it evolves

Admin(s): Jacob Sten Madsen

Things to note:

  • Don’t expect to post freely here;
  • However, pay attention to what the admins post to learn something new.

20- Recruitment Leadership Forum

facebook groups for recruiters

Facebook groups are, in a sense, forums. This one just happens to embrace that in the name. However, it is another Facebook group for recruiters that focuses heavily on the admin’s posts rather than discussion between members. Feel free to comment on the admin posts, and you will find some interesting topics in recruitment being shared here. It’s worthwhile to join.

Purpose: a “Thought Leadership” group for the recruitment industry on working practices, talent acquisition, operating models, Niche vs Generalist discussions, and the role of recruiters in the 21st Century.

Admin(s): Ian Knowlson, San Sunner

Things to note:

  • Again, this is a group not to expect to post freely in;
  • However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Stick around to learn something about recruitment.

21- Recruiting Brainfood

facebook groups for recruiters

A fairly new group on the horizon, Recruiting Brainfood is a supplemental Facebook group to the already popular Recruiting Brainfood email newsletter. The subscribers to this email newsletter can come to this group to have discussions about the articles and ideas circulated! As of now, you have to be a subscriber to join the group.

Purpose: to discuss the content shared on Sundays in the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter

Admin(s): Hung Lee

Things to note:

  • Any member can start a discussion;
  • It’s more than just a newsletter spitting info at you, because now you can discuss the topics in-depth.

22- Recruiter Articles

facebook groups for recruiters

Another group with a fitting name, Recruiter Articles is a group just to circulate your favorite articles about recruitment. You would think that this would be a group inundated with the same articles you’ve seen elsewhere. However, that’s just not the case. There is fresh, interesting content that appears to be curated.

Purpose: to share articles that help recruiters

Admin(s): Tim Savage

Things to note:

  • This isn’t a place to post your open jobs;
  • Share articles that you actually find interesting!

23- The Recruiter Think Tank

facebook groups for recruiters

A “think tank” can lead to some very strong opinions, and they often happen to be the same across the board. However, this Recruiter Think Tank brings together recruitment professionals from all levels of expertise to offer a different sort of opinion bank! You’ll get a variety of topics with a variety of opinions to go along with them in your feed.

Purpose: to ask, give to, or praise other recruitment professionals

Admin(s): Tinamarie Berger, Michael Gionta

Things to note:

  • There are special opportunities only given to this group;
  • It is fairly new, so there is room to grow, but this gives it a tight-knit feel;
  • You won’t just see the same old “motivational quotes” for recruitment, but you will feel motivated, nonetheless.

24- The Recruiter Breakroom

facebook groups for recruiters

This is one of the Facebook groups for recruiters where you can go to seek support and give support. It appears to be a sort of virtual breakroom where you can converge and talk about work with like-minded professionals. What’s better than that? It seems as though the group needs someone to kickstart some conversations. Is that person you?

Purpose: to provide recruiters with a support network that will include: career advice for recruiting careers, tools, and techniques.

Admin(s): Rebecca Sargeant

Things to note:

  • This group isn’t the most active at the time of writing this article;
  • However, everyone is welcome to join and cheer fellow recruiters on!

25- Recruitment Hackers

facebook groups for recruiters

No, this isn’t a group for people to learn how to hack into recruiters’ computers. What it is, however, is a place for recruiters to become hackers of their own profession. Much like other groups, this is a hub for sharing tips and tricks to help boost your recruitment growth. This group focuses heavily on scaling in recruitment. It is small, but the aim is promising.

Purpose: for the sharing of news, tools, and methodologies that can make recruitment easier at scale

Admin(s): Pia Riquelme, Yuan Yim, Max Armbruster

Things to note:

  • It appears to be run by employees of TalkPush, but it doesn’t dominate the group discussions;
  • Don’t join if you are a hacker;
  • Join if you want to learn about recruitment!

26- RecruiterDNA

facebook groups for recruiters

If recruiting is in your DNA, this group is for you. If you’d like recruitment to be in your DNA but aren’t quite there yet, this group is also for you. Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, most recruiters don’t. However, they are heroes, and you can find them converging here to talk about everything and anything that has to do with recruitment and the facets of the field.

Purpose: to post questions, photos, videos, and articles that are recruiting related

Admin(s): Larry Hernandez

Things to note:

  • It is a small group, but is worthwhile to add to your group roundup.

27- RecruitmentRocks

facebook groups for recruiters

Do you believe that recruitment rocks? If not, this group may change your mind. A relatively new venture, Will Sims heads up this group to bring together a like-minded community of people excited about recruitment.

Purpose: for recruiters, sourcers and the wider industry who need tips, advice and can add value in the group to help those In need.

Admin(s): Will Sims

Things to note:

  • Watch out for threads where you can introduce yourself and drop a link or two!

28- HR United/Human Resources

facebook groups for recruiters

This group is fairly lenient with what they allow to be posted. It truly creates a sense of unity for the HR community. When you think about this Human Resources group, you’ll automatically think of Peter Gault’s live videos, mic in tow!

Purpose: for HR professionals the world over to share information

Admin(s): Peter Gault, Omar Alaide

Things to note:

  • Peter’s live videos with recruitment info are what make this group stand out.

29- HR Open Source

facebook groups for recruiters

This is a group with a hefty amount of members, currently weighing in at almost seven thousand. However, you won’t feel like just another number in this group. In the discussion, you’ll find members asking for advice from other members. This is a group to exchange ideas about HR, as a whole. It is valuable for recruiters to understand human resources as a process, rather than siloing themselves into a little recruitment corner!

Purpose: an initiative launched by Hootsuite’s Ambrosia Vertesi and Amplify Talent’s Lars Schmidt designed to bring an open source approach to HR and recruiting

Admin(s): George LaRocque, Lane Sutton, Robin Schooling, Derek Isley, Lis Arroyo Cervenka, Grace Chiu, Lars Schmidt, Ambrosia Vertesi

Things to note:

  • Watch out for personalized videos from the admins to the group;
  • Ask for advice;
  • And, as a recruiter, you can get a broader sense of HR processes from this group.

30- Human Resource Management

facebook groups for recruiters

This is on the larger end of the Facebook groups for recruiters we are discussing. It has, at this moment, over 36,000 members. This is because it is a more broad group covering human resources management as a field. However, recruiters are part of that system, and you can benefit from having the posts from this group on your feed.

Purpose: for those who are interested in HRM or practicing it to share knowledge, experience, and expertise

Admin(s): Rami Fouad Sobhi

Things to note:

  • There are some posts that slip through the radar, but that is bound to happen with such a large group;
  • If nothing else, just join this group to get an overall sense of what problems HR has, as a whole, and chime in to spread your recruitment knowledge!

31- Recruitment Marketing Tactics

facebook groups for recruiters

Not only does Chris Russell admin this group, but he hosts live video training and demos for recruitment marketers most Thursdays! Most of the posts in this Facebook group are by him, but you will find them more engaging than most other posts out there. He posts interesting recruitment marketing tactics seen around the internet, relevant events with discount codes, and more.

Purpose: for recruitment marketers and talent professionals who want to keep up with recruitment marketing tips tricks and tactics

Admin(s): Chris Russell

Things to note:

  • Chris Russell is one to watch in recruitment marketing;
  • And this group is beneficial to join, for the posts and the live video training.

32- The Employer Brand Forum

facebook groups for recruiters

The marketing aspect of recruitment involves establishing an employer brand. It’s up for debate whether every recruiter needs to know about employer branding (they do). But joining this group will give you the resources you need to figure out the best practices for your employer branding strategy.

Purpose: to bring together people who do employer branding work so they can ask questions to their peers and get feedback

Admin(s): Lis Arroya Cervenka, Susan Strayer LaMotte, Josh Schwede

Things to note:

  • You must answer questions about your job title and description, convincing admins to let you through the employer brand forum gates!

33- Storytelling Recruiter

This group is fairly new, but was recommended to us from an admin of another group on this list. It’s a group dedicated to researching how to master the art of storytelling as a recruiter! It’s something different that we haven’t seen before. It should really take off. And if it doesn’t, then there are still a small group of intelligent people to bounce ideas off of here! Storytelling can really improve your ability to display employer brand, so there’s nothing to lose.

Purpose: to research and discuss storytelling strategies as they relate to recruitment

Admin(s): Mark Lundgren, Katrina Collier, Jan Tegze

Things to note:

  • This is a unique group subject that just got its start at the beginning of 2019.

34- HRTechTank

facebook groups for recruiters

This is another group that goes along with correlating events. However, to excel in recruitment, it’s best to keep up with HR technology trends. And HRTechTank is the prime place to do so.

Purpose: for innovators in the Human Resource Management & Recruitment software space to drive innovation and growth through networking and sharing with peers, thought leaders, and investors.

Admin(s): HRTechTank (page), Rona Sansarona, Joshua Wong, Andrei Majewski, Taras Polischuk, Aki Kakko, Kristian Vanberg

Things to note:

  • Posts seem to be one-way conversations, but feel free to comment and engage;
  • And you don’t have to attend the events to be a part of the group;
  • But you do need to share your HR tech knowledge in the form of non-promotional, educational article-sharing and question-raising.

35- Recruitment Process Automation

facebook groups for recruiters

Manual tasks are a thing of the past for most recruiters. At least, they should be, considering they’re losing you valuable talent during the hiring process. Recruitment process automation (hence the name of the group) is growing rapidly and will be the face of recruitment in the coming years. This Facebook group’s initiative is to bring together recruiters in a judgement-free zone to share their experiences and questions about HR tech and automation.

Purpose: to discuss the technologies available and the challenges of implementing an automated solution(s).

Admin(s): Mike Wolford

Things to note:

  • You don’t have to be an HR tech or recruitment automation pro to join!

36- Recruitment Tech Pros

facebook groups for recruiters

TAtech, the association for talent acquisition solutions, and Vitalfew, growth hackers for startup and stalled tech companies, joined forces to create a group for the recruitment tech pros to gather. While the group does not push their agenda, it does create a space where like-minded HR tech individuals can confer. There are events that occur, as well as thoughtful discussions. It has a small but niche group of members that post roughly seven times per month.

Purpose: to bring together recruitment tech professionals in one space

Admin(s): Mike Wiston, Ethan Bloomfield

Things to note:

  • You need to work for or run a Talent Acquisition Technology company in order to join and contribute to this group.

37- Talent Product Plays

facebook groups for recruiters

While the group above is strictly for recruitment tech professionals to talk about their product, Talent Product Plays takes a different approach. There isn’t any self-promotion allowed, but you can bounce talent tech ideas off of each other! The group has over two thousand members at this time, but takes the entrance questions very seriously.

Purpose: to allow talent product types to share ideas, kvetch, find job/hiring leads, and hatch plans to conquer the world.
Admin(s): George LaRocque, Martin Burns

Things to note:

  • Join this group to learn about talent technology and how it can advance, not to self-promote.

38- Human Resources Practitioners of Color

facebook groups for recruiters

Human Resources Practitioners of Color is an online space for like-minded individuals to connect and meet up at big events like SHRM. It is a professional group that exists to move the thinking of HR forward. This is for all minority HR professionals, but recruiters certainly fall into that category.

Purpose: to establish a community of minority HR professionals who gather in this space to share advice, best practices, and tools to help one another perform intelligently, effectively, and in alignment with the law.

Admin(s): Caryn Lindsay Robinson, Rachel Harriet, Zohra Ghaziani, Ann Golar, Broderick Daniels, Joshua Mosby, Eileen Kim, Theresa Brown, Buffy Powell, Crystal Braboy Sphr

Things to note:

  • The group is very active;
  • And it appears to be inclusive of all minority groups, so feel free to join if you’d like!

39- Headhunter & Executive Recruitment Community

facebook groups for recruiters

The recently updated #HERC is a community of like-minded individuals that want to “break free from corporate” and shake things up. This niche is mainly for entrepreneurial recruiters that want to still do big things in the industry. The admin also makes an appearance via video frequently, so watch out for that and chances to engage with the group.

Purpose: to bring together a community of entrepreneurial recruiters who are ready to make a change and step things up in the recruitment field

Admin(s): Bri Lish, David Stephen Patterson

Things to note:

  • The group operates off of “The Lighthouse Method” which is a free resource to download in the “About” section of the group;
  • And there are free training webinars offered;
  • However, be picky about what you sign up for, and don’t spam with your own promotional posts!

40- The Recruiters Comedy Page

facebook groups for recruiters

This niche is not so much a niche as a place for recruiters to go when they need some comedic relief. This Facebook group is comprised of mostly recruitment memes. Members also post rants or jokes about daily recruiter life! So relatable.

Purpose: to vent and share funny, awkward, scary, crazy and obscene recruiter moments.

Admin(s): Cherrice Mary Carr

Things to note:

  • Although this group is lighthearted and fun, remember to be courteous, polite to a degree, and don’t share anything too personal that could get you in trouble later;
  • And remember that, aside from funny posts, you can share some helpful tools to remedy something fellow members are venting about.

41- Recruiting & Staffing Agency Insiders

facebook groups for recruiters

Internal and external recruiters may essentially do the same thing, but there are some distinct differences. There are challenges that come with each profession, and this group acknowledges that. Which niche are you in?

Purpose: to bring together recruitment professionals and staffing agency professionals to talk about how to advance in their careers

Admin(s): Ben Nader

Things to note:

  • This group asks for your email address in order to join.

42- #SpeakingForAll

facebook groups for recruiters

If you’ve spoken at HR events and/or would like to improve your skills at doing so, this is the group for you! Even if you haven’t given a presentation but are interested in others’ stories that have, this is a cool, niche group to join. It’s run by some outstanding members of the HR community, as well, so you can’t lose.

Purpose: to encourage diversity in event line up, celebrate successes, and encourage new speakers to get their start in HR/recruitment event speaking

Admin(s): Joanne Lockwood, Louise Triance, Audra Knight, Katrina Collier

Things to note:

  • All skill levels are encouraged to join!

43- PHR/SPHR/SHRM Certification HR Professional Study Group

facebook groups for recruiters

Purpose: a professional development study, discussion and motivation group for Human Resource professionals who have set a goal to achieve HRCI’s PHR or SPHR certification, or SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification. This group also functions as a group for HR pros to share information about continuing professional development and for discussing real-word HR issues you face on the job to group source solutions and share best practices.

Admin(s): Scott Gautier, Victoria Purser

Things to note:

  • Although it is encouraged to talk about real-world issues in the HR field even after you achieve your certification, the joining questions for the group still require you to have either completed or intend to complete certification courses and exams.

44- HRCP: Human Resource Certification Preparation – Group

facebook groups for recruiters

Purpose: for those preparing for HR certification to give support and share tips and tricks

Admin(s): Human Resource Certification Preparation (page)

Things to note:

  • This group does not have joining questions;
  • It is less active than the aforementioned prep group;
  • And it is run by a page that has services for HR certification preparation.

See one missing?

Hopefully, one or more of these Facebook groups for recruiters will suit your needs and fill the void that your FB groups feed has been missing! If you have questions on how to join, how to interact and engage, or if you have suggestions for groups that you don’t see listed here, please let us know. You may also reach out to us in the Talent Acquisition Innovators Facebook group. Let us know that the blog sent you, and have fun recruitment networking!

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