How Instagram Stories can promote your brand in 7 ways

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May 19, 2021
December 22, 2021
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Digital marketing, and more so Instagram, plays a significant role in promoting employer branding.

Building an employer brand requires thinking and designing to ensure that products are high-quality and paired with good services. Instagram stories lock users into watching exciting things, and this makes the platform suitable for your business.

Here are seven ideas for Instagram stories to bring your brand to life.

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1. Polls

Office automation has rendered traditional questionnaires impractical. You can use polls in Instagram stories to interact with your followers.

The polls will be suitable for candidate feedback, market research, or making company decisions. Based on candidate feedback, you can identify areas of brand weakness. This can help you to make better hiring decisions to engage staff who can support brand awareness.

The polls featured on Instagram offer many opportunities to create compelling and dynamic content. You can make an enjoyable quiz and ensure that it captures the overall content strategy for your brand.

The content should also be in line with the other posts and the brand identity. One of the important rules in storytelling is to “show” instead of “tell.” To make a bigger impact, use Instagram stories to show your product catalog. You could then ask your followers to vote for their favorite brand.

2. Exclusive content

Social media experts for suggest that if you desire to surprise your existing candidates or attract new ones, show them exclusive content. Making the most important brand content visible on various platforms is essential. However, you may keep some exclusive videos and pictures for each account.

For Instagram stories, add some exclusive footage. This may allow your candidates to follow you on your social media accounts.

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The experts at suggest another interesting point. As per them, you can also have Q&A sessions to showcase and promote your brand. If you include exclusive elements in your Instagram stories, you can connect with your audience better. The audience will recognize your efforts to reach out to them as you share more about your company.

Be authentic to allow people to relate to your brand as they know that real people work smart to create the best products and services.

3. Asking questions

The questions sticker can enable brands to invite questions and feedback. Use an ‘Ask Me Anything” concerning your business where you allow your followers to ask you questions.

Share the questions and their respective answers in your story. You can also seek to learn about your followers by asking questions related to how they found you, their career, etc.

The questions sticker is a great feature that can help to build community and encourage interaction. The idea is to show your followers that you care about their views and opinions. This may position your brand as kind, human and reliable.

On the other hand, the “Ask For Feedback” feature gives a direct line to allow candidates to provide you with feedback concerning your brand.

4. Making announcements

The Instagram stories are instant, allowing companies to share announcements about general updates, new staff members, and new products. These moments are an excellent opportunity to create company posts about behind-the-scenes footage. Your followers can appreciate that you are giving them the latest information and getting to know your business better.

As a business owner, you can turn your personal Instagram account to celebrate product launches using videos and photos.

The images can receive massive likes and increase the number of followers. This approach can work best if it is unexpected and a perfect fit for the community.

5. Templates

There is an emerging trend in the use of story templates by brands and influencers on Instagram. The templates are well-designed and can be screenshotted and filled in by users.

This can allow followers to know them better. Story templates are designed images with text and graphics, including blank spaces that the user should fill in. The story highlights templates that can act as a bio extension, thus making you ready to inform anyone who gets to your page about yourself.

Instagram story templates are used on a consumer to consumer basis, or influencers can develop them to boost their reach. The template user includes their business name and recognizable branding or trademark.

When the details start getting shared, people discover the account, and this becomes a fantastic marketing strategy because the followers are engaged in distribution. Thus, by giving away a good thing that is useful to followers, you can significantly increase brand awareness.

6. Collaborations

Collaboration is a cost-effective way of facilitating network growth, multi-channel marketing, and business alignment opportunities.

Brand collaborations also help to grow the social media community, attract publicity and boost revenue streams. For collaboration ideas to fit on social media, incorporate content collaborations, and hashtag challenges.

All these are quick and cost-effective ways of reaching new followers. For instance, you can collaborate with another firm to create Instagram giveaways to drive email list signups using co-branded prizes for your followers. The result could be a high engagement across the Instagram accounts of the collaborating firms and growth in newsletter signups.

7. Links

This feature is available for an Instagram account with more than 10k followers. If you meet this criterion, you can support your stories with external links. The link can redirect Instagram users to an in-built browser, including when you log off; you can pick up from where you left.

In some cases, you are required to direct your followers on Instagram to a specific link in your bio to allow them to get the latest content. In this case, they have to read your Instagram story, go to your profile, and click on the link. Instead of all these, you can easily use the Instagram swipe up tool to add a link to your story.

This tool has revolutionized how influencers and companies connect with their audience to gain more followers. Users can tap an arrow on their screen or swipe up on a particular story and access the link within the Instagram app.


If you want to bring your brand to life, use polls, exclusive content, questioning, announcements, templates, collaborations, and links. Brand awareness is about connecting with your audience to inform and persuade, and these tools can help you achieve this.

The massive number of people on Instagram makes it inevitable for you to use social media marketing. Use creative stories to show your audience how awesome your product or service is.

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