Top 8 HR influencers from TikTok to follow

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August 23, 2022
November 14, 2022
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Martina Di Gregorio
hr influencers to follow on tiktok
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You can be anybody you want to be online. You only need an internet connection, a decent mobile phone, confidence, and guts.

That's why it's so hard to follow advice taken from the internet, especially on matters as important as employment. Without any verifiable proof they are who they claim to be, you could be taking advice from someone who has never held a job for more than a week and lives in their parents' basement.

That’s why we have put together a list of the top 8 HR influencers on TikTok that can assist you. 

They have notable achievements and experiences and channel them to create and share valuable content to help you find a good fit for a vacant position in your organization.

1. Shadé Zahrai (@shadezahrai)

Shadé Zahrai is an Award-Winning Leadership Strategist, Harvard-trained coach, and esteemed Forbes Coaches Council member. She is a specialist in building a success mindset, self-belief, and self-mastery for business professionals, as evident in her advice on TikTok.

She is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, and recently won Adweek's Careers Creator of the Year award. She has several years of experience and notable achievements, which she channels to share valuable insight on TikTok. Follow her to learn the ins and outs.

2. Tessa White (@jobdoctortessa)

Tessa White white is an HR professional with 20+ years of experience. She has led HR in Fortune 50 companies as well as small start-ups to mid-sized organizations. Her username comes from her own business, The Job Doctor. 

She has been featured in several publications and TV shows to share valuable advice.

Her 20+ years of experience make her invaluable for navigating careers. Follow her to learn the latest tips about career navigation.

3. Your Human Resources Bestie (@Hanner_The_HR_Lady)

For a humorous break while contacting candidates, you can check out Hanner The HR Lady. She doesn’t reveal too much about herself on her profile except that she works as a Head of HR and lives in New Jersey. Her videos take a satirical approach to the life of HR professionals. 

4. Madeline Mann (@selfmademillennial)

Madeline Mann is the founder of Self Made Millennial, which was named the number two career-focused TikTok channel and a top 5 career YouTube channel by Career Karma.

She has helped thousands of people land their dream jobs in Google, Deloitte, Hilton, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, NBC Universal, Netflix, EY, etc. 

She has been featured in several publications such as Bloomberg, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and others. 

Her experience in Human Resources taught her all the behind-the-scenes secrets, which she shares on TikTok for recruiters and HR professionals.

5. Leigh Elena Henderson (@HRmanifesto)

Leigh Henderson has 15 years of experience as a Human Resources executive. She has worked with 5 different Fortune 100 companies and is now the founder of the HRmanifesto.

With over 560K followers on TikTok, Leigh provides humorous content and commentary on HR and recruitment related topics.

6. Nikki Jaskiewicz (@Nikkijazzzz)

Nikki Jaskiewicz is a Talent Acquisition professional with experience as a Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, and Recruiting Project Manager currently working for LinkedIn. 

With over 15 years of experience in recruitment and talent acquisition, Nikki shares her tips for recruiters and hiring managers on finding the right candidate for your company. 

7. @Recruitscootingboogie

This up-and-coming recruiter has been gracing TikTok with her content for only five months and has already gained over 450K likes on the platform. Although there isn’t much information on her real name or current role, her content is still valuable and provides important information for new recruiters hidden in TikTok trends and satire.

Her unique take on common talent acquisition everyday challenges provides a refreshing break for all recruiters needing a pick-me-up (and maybe some tips on getting candidates to answer Linkedin InMails).

8. Veronica Sargeant (@peopleculturecollective)

Veronica Sargeant is a Fintech HR leader posting on the People & Culture Collective, an HR agency that supports companies looking to optimize their HR practices. 

Veronica is particularly passionate about DE&I and Leardship Development, and has experience in multiple industries, including FMCG, hospitality, mining, and professional services. 

People & Culture Collective’s account has over 67K followers, and 2M likes on TikTok, with Veronica providing some thoughts on recruiters’ mental health, burnouts, employee turnover and more! 

Why Follow HR Influencers on TikTok?

Knowing the top tech HR influencers on platforms like TikTok and understanding what they have to offer should be enough reasons to follow them. But the burning question is, how will it benefit you? In the following ways:

  • Discover Opportunities

The top HR influencers have worked or are working for top companies worldwide, so they know when a position opens in their or other organizations. They share these openings with their viewers on TikTok and can even refer you if you have the right skills and ask nicely.

  • Networking

You can build communications with the connections of the influencers by commenting, asking questions, and attending seminars and classes recommended by the influencer. As a member of the community, you will make valuable connections with others, so you can support each other when the need arises.

  • Valuable Job Tips

No one knows all there is to know about finding a job. And that is why following several of these influencers is a good idea. You can get different valuable tips from each of them. For example, Greg Langstaff can help you build a strong resume, get free resources from David Paykin, and learn how to enter corporate without all requirements from Eve Peña. These tips will make you an all-around perfect candidate.

Also, as interview and recruitment trends change, they can update you to increase the chances of scoring the dream job.


The above HR influencers have enough experience in the HR & recruitment field to provide valuable pointers to job seekers, workers looking to improve their careers, and HR teams looking for the best hire.

They have helped thousands of job seekers and HR teams, and they can help you as well if you follow them to access their valuable tips, discover job opportunities, and improve your networking game.

If you are part of a recruiting or hiring team, following their tips is not enough to find you the best hire. You also need a modern collaborative hiring software to bring your teams together, boost your sourcing, automate your hiring, and evaluate candidates effectively.

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