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March 17, 2021
November 30, 2022
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There are so many excellent HR tech conferences organized on an ongoing basis that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Regularly visiting vendors and networking with industry peers can be time-consuming and take away precious time from your day-to-day business.

However, HR tech is constantly changing and at a rapid pace. Being on top of trends and new advances in HR tech can help you and your team improve your business processes and enhance productivity. Many professionals in this field find HR tech conferences rejuvenate their creativity and boost motivation to achieve business-critical results.

There are many benefits attached to attending the best HR conferences, including:

  • access to the very latest information on new technology;
  • networking opportunities with business leaders;
  • workshops and peer ideas;
  • membership to future knowledge-sharing groups;
  • window shopping for new vendors;
  • and copies of materials (white papers, ebooks) generated from the conference.

If you fully optimize your time there, you are guaranteed to come away with a better understanding of HR processes and real applications to use in your business. See below for an overview of some of the most popular HR tech conferences that could be coming to your area.

For fully updated details on each HR tech conference, please check the organizer’s website beforehand.


The Future of Work is digital enablement and UNLEASH America Conference & Exhibition is where you will find the inspirational stories that will change the way you think about Human Resources, Technology and the Future of Work. Since 2011, UNLEASH conferences have become the global destination and industry standard that drives progress in Human Resources, Learning and Recruitment. UNLEASH is a nod to the struggles we have all faced during the pandemic and an acknowledgement of the hope that lies ahead. People and organizations need to believe in ideas and desire change, before they can deliver it. Inspired, inspirational, inspiring are the watchwords of an UNLEASH experience.

They will return to an in-person conference in May after 2 years, bringing together 1,500 attendees, eager to reconnect face-to-face in an exciting and safe setting.

Check out the full site for more information.

Spring HR Tech 2021

This live HR conference hosts  live Q&As delivered by industry leaders, Spring HR Tech 2021 has a mass of up-to-the-minute information and expertise for everyone in virtual attendance.You’ll have access to in-depth product demonstrations, expert guidance with real suggestions built on your company metrics and objectives, 1:1 video sessions designed to develop conversations and relationships, and plenty more.Its primary focus is driving HR success via technology for those who want to optimize their systems as well as to buy into new ones.

Check out the full site for more information.

Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies Summit 2021

  • Dates: 23 & 24 March
  • Price: Full virtual access $895 US | Vendors, suppliers, and consultants $2195 | Group discounts available
  • Location: Online
  • Registration: https://digitaltalentacquisition.com

Taking Talent Acquisition 100% Digital is the headline for this event. The 2-day event offers interaction with leaders, experts, and professionals from across North America. You’ll discover how to adapt in an increasingly crowded marketplace, look into case studies, and learn how some of the biggest businesses have harnessed the latest technologies to master new environments.With 40+ speakers from private and public sectors, there’s a lot of information to glean from and a lot more to learn during this HR conference.This virtual experience hosts live interactive sessions, full of Q&As, polls, and education, breakout groups digging into specialized topics, networking, keynote events, and a virtual exhibition hall full of offers and products from the event sponsors.

Check out the website for a full list of featured speakers, the media kit, and the various sponsors.

HCI – Build an Inclusive Culture

The outline of this conference is to address bias and promote equity. This conference is delivered by a host of industry expert HR leaders, each of which is renowned for activating change within workforce diversity, utilizing new strategies, tech tools, and innovative ideas.For those looking into the benefits and practices to create or retain employee diversity—this is the event for you.Check out the schedule and speaker list via the registration link.There are bundles available for those interested in attending more than one of the HCIVirtual Series: the first, Acquire the Right Talent gives access to 3 events and costs $495, the second, the All-Access Pass provides access to all 12 events and costs $1,895.

Capitalizing on new Influence – HR Digital Summit

Over the past year, the move to a virtual workplace has seen a massive social upheaval, with HR departments requiring more sophisticated skillsets and strategies to compete with the disruption than ever.

Capitalizing On New Influence is the topic set by HR Digital Summit for this conference. Attending this event allows you to:

  • build new connections with senior leaders
  • stay current with new business trends
  • understand the impact of new technology
  • Quantify the risks of new projects
  • Accelerate projects through new partnerships
  • Download a selection of actionable takeaways

The 3-day agenda is packed with keynotes, panel discussions, and roundtable talks covering a selection of actions. Spread over three mornings to prevent an all-day overload to your senses, the conference is aimed at senior decision-makers from large global businesses as well as innovative disruptor brands.

Further information, testimonials, and the full agenda is available at https://gdssummits.com

Innov8 Work Spring & Summer 2021

The first of the two events, Spring 2021, looks into the turning point in the HR world due to the global COVID crisis, changing the reality of the future of how we’ll not only work differently but how we hire and manage HR.Spring 2021’s themes include:

  • Hybrid remote work
  • HR technology
  • Company culture
  • Global workforce management
  • Training & development
  • Talent acquisition
  • Employer branding
  • The Gig Economy
  • Employee experience

As well as the main stage event platforms, there’s plenty of opportunity for breakout sessions, networking and exploring sponsor booths.

Download the full event prospectus from the event website and keep up-to-date with the follow-up Summer 2021 event.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

  • Dates: 4–6 May
  • Price: From $1450 US (Early bird price $975 | Public sector price $975)
  • Location: Online
  • Registration: https://www.gartner.com

Gartner is an innovator in data and analytics. This conference looks into how leaders and officers managing data can attain the best culture and ways forward to support their organizations.The future revolves around new technologies as well as the market, including artificial intelligence, digital trust, governance, and data-driven critical thinking.This is a conference with something for every team member: from tech-level operatives to senior-strategists.

  • Business strategy – Learn how to build data and analytics strategies
  • Technology – Deep dive into all the analytics trends and tools
  • Leadership – Develop the skills to bridge the business and IT gap

Full details available from https://www.gartner.com

IMPACT 2021 – Making work better for humans and humans better at work

As well as delivering a range of industry expert speakers, Deloitte events feature plenty of their Tech Treks briefings amid their impressive line-up and schedule.Tech Treks are short, guided briefings by providers of the latest products and solutions on the market. Each brief is delivered by Deloitte Industry analysts and followed by roundtable discussions with your peers.You’ll also have the opportunity to sample a 3D exhibitor gallery, where you can chat, take advantage of the special event offers, digital merchandise, and schedule appointments for deeper investigations of the areas you believe are vital to your operations.

Access all the information, the full list of speakers and sponsors, and the complete agenda from their website.

HCI – Redefine Onboarding for a Virtual World

The second of the HCI conferences, this time, the theme digs into how onboarding is a crucial touchpoint in the employment lifecycle, where talent acquisition meets talent management.Even before COVID, organizations were being forced to update and adapt their virtual and hybrid programs, but since the pandemic, these systems are more relevant than ever. This conference delivers how to practice critical solutions within high-performance areas of a distributed, virtual world.

You can find out precisely what’s on offer from www.hci.org, and check out their full schedule of the day’s activities.

HCI – Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Tools and Technology

This virtual conference from the Human Capital Institute is packed with workshops and virtual networking opportunities, all intent on delivering the latest talent acquisition technologies and how to improve your talent attraction and recruiting systems.There are a couple of bundles available for those interested in attending more than one conference on HR via the HCIOptimize Your Talent Strategy Virtual Series: the first, Acquire the Right Talent gives access to 3 events and costs $495, the second, the All-Access Pass provides access to all 12 events and costs $1,895.

HCI – Develop Your Future Workforce

Building Today for the Needs of Tomorrow – to do this, HCI is delivering a virtual conference into the industrial-sized gear that HR professionals need in their toolboxes. The event plans to identify future trends, assess the current skillsets, and develop and deploy talent.The tools, in this case, include the understanding of the technology that’s driving such change, the managers accountable for the initiatives, and how they must understand the data analytics to predict and monitor skill gaps.

Understand more of what to expect here, and sign up for this or one of their conference bundle options.

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