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December 8, 2020
December 19, 2021
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Katherine Rundell
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As a recruiter, you know that you need to keep moving to stay on top of your industry's digital trends. Podcasts let you multitask by popping the earbuds in on your commute or during your workout - It's a fast-paced game, and there's always more to learn. These are the 12 recruiting podcasts that you need to hear.

1) The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Hung Lee started his renowned Recruiting Brainfood newsletter to bring HR and recruitment insights to the masses, and with the Recruiting Brainfood Podcast, he continues his mission. This podcast is packed with contemporary insight into recruiting, and Hung Lee brings his characteristic enthusiasm to all things recruiting.

Regular guests provide a variety of perspectives meaning that no stone is left unturned. Recent episodes have focused on the need for recruiting to leverage digital tools as the Covid crisis forces more of us to work from home. Lee's finger is always on the pulse, making this podcast unmissable for those working in HR.

2) Recruiter Startup

In Recruiter Startup, host Dualta Doherty interviews a wide range of HR, recruitment, and management-oriented individuals, drawing tips, tricks, and inspiration from each guest. Doherty is a big name in the world of recruiting and has an unmissable perspective in the industry.

Doherty himself built his recruitment agency from the ground-up, using a streamlined approach from which everyone can learn. If inefficient practices weigh down your business, Doherty is the man for you. Tune in to Recruiter Startup, and you'll find inspiration to reinvigorate your practices overnight.

3) The #SocialRecruiting Show

The #SocialRecruiting Show's podcast has brought insight and wisdom to the world of recruiting with its trademark humor and offbeat tone. Hosts Katrina Collier and Glenn Martin bring regular guests from the world of recruiting, HR, and beyond to pick their brains on what makes them tick.

The Social Recruiting show is UK-based but offers advice from a global perspective, and once you start tuning in, you'll soon be eagerly awaiting each Friday's episode. Prepare to be inspired with creative approaches to recruiting and cutting-edge innovations from the HR world.

4) LinkedInformed Podcast

Although the LinkedIn form podcast is not strictly about recruiting per se, it should be on the radar of all recruiters and anyone working in HR to boot. Recruiters know the value of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, so this insight into the inner workings of the recruitment platform is essential listening for those in the industry.

This podcast recently hit its 300th episode, so there's a huge back catalog to sink your teeth (or ears) into - recent episodes have discussed fraud and scamming on LinkedIn, something every recruiter should be aware of.

5) The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast

This biweekly podcast hosted by the charismatic Hishem Azzouz features guest interviews with recruiters, entrepreneurs, and billers from all over the world, providing a global panorama of recruiting trends and cultures. What makes Azzouz stand out is his authentic take on the challenges faced by recruiters today - this is a podcast anyone who has spent time in the industry will be able to relate to.

Recent episodes have featured the secrets to top recruiters' success, so if you're looking to up your game, dive right into this valuable and entertaining podcast.

6) Recruitment on the Go

"This bitesize podcast should be on the agenda every weekday for recruiters around the world," says Joseph Hernandez, HR at Academized and Ukwritings. "With five fifteen-minute episodes released each week, you can easily squeeze this into your day, and you'll stay on the cutting edge of recruitment tips and trends."

Hosts Caitie and Mingus offer actionable tips, deep insights, and tools to help you get ahead in the world of recruiting. I suspect this podcast is the secret to the success of many top recruiters.

7) Recruiting Future

With hundreds of episodes to explore, you'll find something valuable in the archive of Recruiting Future. This podcast is focused on exploring cutting edge topics in recruiting and forecasting the coming recruitment trends. With this podcast, you can make future proof of your recruitment game.

Podcasts are easily searchable by category, so you can find episodes that interest you, whether it's automation or diversity. Guests are always from a high caliber pool of recruitment industry leaders, so you know you're learning from the best.

8) Roy Ripper Recruiters Live Lounge

Roy Ripper is a big name in recruiting and has been at the top of his game for over two decades. Ripper doesn't just follow the recruitment trends, he creates them, and he's been mentoring recruiters to grow their expertise for years. In this interview-based podcast, you'll be introduced to some of the big names in recruiting.

One selling point of Ripper's podcast is the book recommendations that he prises out of each interviewee. Offering up the best business books will allow you to build a reading list for more in-depth insight into the podcast's topics.

9) Invisibilia

"NPR's Invisibilia isn't strictly about recruiting. But it's about people, and that's what recruiting is all about," says David Duncan, recruitment expert at Boomessays and Paper Fellows. "This is a podcast that should pique the interest of every recruiter out there because it explores the subtleties of psychology that guide us through life."

As well as being of keen interest to recruiters, it also tells fascinating stories. This podcast might change the way you see the world.

10) The McKinsey Podcast

Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company have been helping businesses reach their goals for years, and this podcast reveals all the tricks of the trade. Recruiters would benefit from busying themselves in the back catalog as this podcast offers a fantastic insight into winning business strategies.

11) The Talent Cast

Always in high spirits, host James Ellis is guaranteed to inject some energy into your day with the Talent Cast. Ellis explores every aspect of modern recruiting in this infinitely enjoyable podcast, and regularly hosts high-powered guests, grilling them on their recruiting secrets.

Recent episodes have explored resume writing trends, something every recruiter needs to know, and in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs and business writers. Ellis explores the human and the business side of recruiting, and his shows never get old.

12) Hiring On All Cylinders

Entalo's Hiring On All Cylinders will get you to the top of your recruiting game. By exploring cutting edge trends in technology, design, and data and connecting these to recruiting practices, this podcast offers an insight into recruiting now and in the future. It's essential to stay on top of these trends in the fast-paced digital world.

Recent episodes have been exploring how the Covid crisis creates challenges and offers opportunities for businesses to adapt to new ways of thinking. It's important stuff for recruiters looking to stay ahead of the game.

Bottom line

In the world of recruiting, it's essential to keep on top of current trends in technology and stay inspired by hearing stories of entrepreneurial success. These podcasts let you tap into the thinking of some of the best business minds. And best of all, you can fit it into your busy schedule.

Feeling inspired to start your own? Check out this guide on how to start a podcast!

Don't forget that you can also check out all the episodes from Recruitee's podcast here!

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