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December 16, 2020
August 23, 2022
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Stefanos Karakasis
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The hiring process is all about getting to know your candidates better. Do they have the right skills to succeed? Will they fit in with your team? Can you see them becoming a champion of your company’s values? These are all questions that need an answer before you decide to make a final offer to any candidate.

But in an ultra-competitive market, the time to answer all these questions can become lost in a race to make an offer. And with an increasingly global and remote workforce, it’s not always possible to arrange in-person meetings to get a good feel of your candidate’s skills, experience, and overall fit with your company.

That’s why we’re happy to release Video Calls, helping recruiters leverage video to create personal and engaging candidate experiences.


We want to enable you to get the most out of video interviews with your candidates. This is why we’ve made scheduling, inviting, and joining Video Calls as simple as possible and an easy addition to your current workflow within Recruitee. With Video Calls now accessible within Recruitee, we’re moving forward with making sure all your communication is centralized for simplicity.

Video Calls can be scheduled in multiple locations for ease of use. You can schedule a call in the notification section of the candidate record, from your calendar, or on the event page. No matter where you are within Recruitee, scheduling a Video Call or reviewing an invitation is only a couple clicks away.


For candidates, joining a Video call is simple and stress-free. Once you have invited a candidate to a Video Call, they’ll receive a customizable invitation with the interview or meeting details with a unique link. Following the link, the candidate is taken to a confirmation landing page where they can choose to join the call whenever they are ready.

We’ve built in a chat function just in case you’d like to exchange links during the interview and a screen sharing functionality if you’d like to get a sneak peek into each other’s processes or workflows.

Do you need to have another colleague in the Video Call? No problem. Like everything in Recruitee, Video Calls supports collaborative hiring strategies and allows multiple interviewers to join the call. Recruitee users who join the call will be authenticated and their set name and icon will appear in the call alongside their video. With more colleagues involved in the interview, everyone has a chance to get to know your candidate.


Whether you’re hiring remotely or prefer to have a deeper evaluation before an on-site interview, you can now do both directly within Recruitee. Practices such as personalization have provided great benefits to the businesses that have adopted them. And video is the best way to personalize an experience for each and every candidate.

If you want to get started with Video Calls, you can sign up here and see how video can benefit your business.

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